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HY Japan providing high quality used auto parts and cars using its global and multi lingual approach

Recycling-oriented societies and customers looking for used car parts among other re-usable parts and resources will be happy to note that a company behind a strong force in helping build recycling industry has embraced a global and multilingual approach. HY Japan, a recycling oriented business selling used car parts has a team of professionals who have embraced a global approach where they sell the used parts to different parts of the world. In a statement to the press, the company CEO Hassan Alomar said his company focuses on providing high quality used auto parts, encouraging recycling and overall reducing the environmental impact of high demand of car parts. The CEO acknowledged the importance of cars in daily life, noting that car owners need to be empowered to get the auto parts that they need to keep their cars in good condition; used auto parts have a role to play in ensuring this. “We know how important cars are to our daily lives, and so we have a team of professionals dedicated to ensuring that you don’t have to wait to get that specific car part you need urgently,” said Mr. Alomar, while adding that HY Japan has a team of highly dedicated professionals who can dismantle cars perfectly according to the customer desires. “Whether you’re looking for used engines or used auto parts from Japan, our team can take care of your request,” added HY Japan CEO.


In order to serve customers from different parts of the world, the company has adopted a global and multi lingual approach. The company CEO says that it’s their life mission to supply customers in different parts of the world with the best used cars and vehicle. To ensure this they have a multi lingual team who speak Russian, English, French, Spanish, and Arabic – besides our native Japanese!




“Japan is known for offering the highest quality used auto parts in the world,” said the CEO, while assuring customers that all the auto parts are sourced from accredited dealers, local individuals and car auctions. “We personally carry out quality checks on each of the source to ensure that it meets our quality standard and the auto part is in good condition.”


No waiting


To ensure that their customers are not subjected to delays and long wait period as the spare parts are sourced, the company CEO says they make sure that the search process is expedited. “ Given our experience, we know where the auto parts can be sourced. You can trust on us to give you what you are looking for within a reasonably short period of time. With our experienced team and reliable network of suppliers, you can rest assured that this will be achieved.”


Customers are also assured of doorstep delivery; the CEO says they ship auto parts to their customers in different parts of the world. “This is why we have become the world leaders in the industry. We understand how difficult it can be for the customer to import, especially during this period when there are lockdowns and the supply chain is overwhelmed. From the time that the customer selects an item from us to delivery, we take it as our responsibility,” said Mr. Alomar while adding that building long-term relationships with all our clients is their main goal.


About HY Japan


HY Japan is an auto parts shop headquartered in Hyōgo prefecture, which is near the center of Japan. With branch offices in Portland, Oregon, and Dallas, Texas, and in Singapore, HY Japan has been in operation for more than 15 year, supplying used cars and car parts locally. Since inception the company has grown exponentially, and today, it service customers from more than 10 countries across the world, supplying them with used cars, car parts and engines from Japan.


Media Contact

Hassan Alomar

Company CEO

+81 79 439 7924

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