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Locally Sourced Skincare Products for Great Offers and Quick Deliveries

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses heavily; sellers and consumers alike have been struggling with businesses that rely on online deliveries, recording low sales due to disruption of the supply chain, and customers going without their favorite products. Deliveries are also delayed because items are out of stock. To address this challenge, a top-quality skincare, make up, and popular brands online store, Amazing-Skincare, is offering a variety of skincare products and famous perfume brands, all sourced from wholesalers within the USA.

While making this announcement, the Amazing-Skincare Store designer and proprietor, Rebecca Wilkie said she had built the business concept around using only businesses established in the USA to supply domestic customers. She added that customers would no longer be subjected to shortages or lack of a skincare products that they need, nor would they have to wait forever for deliveries to be shipped from overseas suppliers.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic crisis we have seen how many products we have taken for granted suddenly became scarce or unavailable. One reason being that, many items that are sold online throughout all sectors in retail shopping are supplied by foreign businesses. This initiated my thought that I’d like to create an online business that sells products already held by wholesale businesses in the USA,” said Ms. Wilkie, adding that her initiative is a twofold advantage, where her store will be supporting local business and the United States citizens will enjoy speedy and reliable products that are stocked within the country.

The store addresses the challenges that have been caused by COVID-19, where consumers suffered shortages of their favorite beauty products, fragrances for women, and body lotions, among others. Promoting the local wholesale business and manufacturers will not only empower them to increase their capacity but also lead to economic growth.

The online store is not just supporting businesses but also helping customers get the beauty products that they need within the shortest time possible, at affordable prices. In line with this, Amazing-Skincare announced that they will be offering a 20% sales offer to all customers during this difficult period. The sales offer also coincides with the July 4th holiday, something that the proprietor, sees as a greater opportunity for customers to buy gifts for their loved ones.

“Amazing-Skincare store customers can now shop with confidence, knowing that they will get what they want at a convenient time and also get it at an affordable price” Ms. Wilkie said, adding that they will also be happy to know that they are promoting local business and playing an important role in helping the economy recover after the COVID-19 lockdown.
Amazing-Skincare is also offering free shipping for all orders over $75. “We are bringing the beauty products closer to you, where you do not have to wait for shipments from overseas or stress about stock. We offer convenience and quality,” confirmed Rebecca. She is the store founder with a background in graphic and fabric design, and has a long-standing interest in fashion, photography & beauty.

About Amazing-Skincare

Amazing-Skincare is an online store providing customers with top quality skincare products, makeup, and famous perfume brands, all sourced from wholesalers within the USA. The online store is built around a unique concept of promoting local businesses as well as ensuring that domestic consumers get the beauty products they need, quickly and at affordable prices.

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Rebecca Wilkie
Store Designer and Proprietor

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