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Lose Weight With Soulscale Weight Loss Program And Donate $1 For Every Pound Of Fat You Lose...

June, 2020 ––  Lose weight for a cause is SoulScale’s innovative approach to motivating people to get back in shape and stay fit.


The idea was so simple that it would not surprise anyone should this weight loss program gain such a huge following. SoulScale donates $1 for every pound of fat lost on their program. They donate $1 to help needy children around the world! Additionally, they have already donated tons of SoulScale meals to the community here in Orange County during the COVID-19 pandemic. Just recently, SoulScale donated a generous contribution of 40 cases of shakes for the homeless to South County Outreach this June.


Just like other things you want to achieve, being successful in losing weight works better when you have a goal to achieve. If not, you will not be able to tell if you already lost enough weight or everything you have done was in vain. SoulScale’s Founder and Clinical Director Dr. Nona Djavid has helped thousands of people throughout the United States to enjoy healthier lives by implementing a very effective and scientific fat loss protocol which she helped develop.


Dr. Djavid’s journey started back in 2011 after witnessing her parents’ battle with different health issues including high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and chronic fatigue. The experience has compelled Dr. Nona to help them get beyond their drug dependencies while improving their poor quality of life by focusing on one common denominator – excess fat.


By targeting the body’s own fat burning mechanism, SoulScale will help patients lose unwanted fat and lower their cholesterol. Such a simple approach to weight loss can save a lot of people from the brink of diabetes, reduce inflammation, and effectively improve not only their self-confidence, but their quality of life as well.


When it comes to various diet plans out in the market today, the main problem why it is not working effectively is because of the limitations the diet plan sets on what a person should and should not eat. Some diet plans may even destroy the normal body metabolism because it restricts the amount of calorie intake your body should have and in the process, your body loses important muscle mass which in turn slows down your metabolism.


SoulScale is based on comprehensive scientific and physiological principles, designed to activate the body’s own fat burning mechanism to shed unwanted fat while protecting the body’s muscle mass. This program uses no lasers or other more invasive procedures, there are no drugs involved, and certainly no starvation techniques.


“This is the best program to keep me in shape, healthy, and looking good for all the events I’m attending this year,” Craig Raths from Mayor of Mission Viejo said.


“I had tried everything and either it was slow or it wouldn’t work after a while. With SoulScale I was able to get to my goal in a short period of time. And I love that they donate to a good cause,” added Joanna M. of Newport Beach.


The fated success of SoulScale’s program has been recognized all over Southern California where SoulScale’s headquarters are located. At present, Dr. Nona is taking SoulScale online to reach more audience and help millions more benefit from this life-changing program.


If you have spent most of your time looking and trying various ways of losing weight without any success, maybe it is time for you to consider a new approach of losing weight through SoulScale’s revolutionary weight loss program. The offered benefits are great and you have nothing to lose except for the extra weight you want to get rid of ever since.


Dr. Nona Djavid

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