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Phoenix Educator Launches Groundbreaking Young Adult Books...

(August 3, 2020), Phoenix, Arizona—World's Unknown Publishing is building new connections through works of fiction, catering to young adults. It is launching a collection of youth-oriented fiction to ignite imagination and give young adults the chance to explore the other side of the world through books.


African continent constitutes 54 independent countries with varied tribes that speak unique languages. Every tribe has distinctive characteristics that include values, traditions, music, style, cuisine, and architecture.


As Joan Cheboswony said, "These books explore stories about Africa, her people, culture, and expansive natural beauty that will capture your imaginations."

The books are written by authors, inspired by their personal experiences living on the continent of Africa. They feature some of Africa's 3000 plus distinct ethnic groups that speak more than 2000 unique languages. The books hope to inspire young adults from various backgrounds to get to know their contemporaries and their similarities in dealing with situations, as they explore their world.


The novels are written to appeal to readers across the world. Examples include, "The Kigango Oracle" an adventure story set at sea along Kenya's southern coast. "Kefa's Quest" is about a determined young boy who faces insurmountable challenges at the onset of adulthood. "The Runaway" follows a young Ahmed taken to places he had never known existed and met strange people doing a lot of strange things. "Let's Talk About This" examines the exploitation of young, innocent girls. "The Village Girl" is a story about a young girl with resilience, determination, and grit.


"A Journey Through Time" is an inspiring story about a boy born with nothing but dreams and wanted nothing less but to achieve it. It's A Game of chase" is a discovery journey to one that looks everywhere only to find out that sometimes, the life you want is the one you have, and you need to live it to the fullest—"Ward Nine" a riveting story about the challenges of mental illness. "Beauty Queen" a story about a girl who understood that beauty is not perfect but the good inside. "Spirit of the Rainbow Dragon" reflects the history and how multiple accounts come together to forge a new national narrative.


The actions drive all these stories so well that the reader will barely notice how long it took them to read through each one of them.


Joan Cheboswony from World Unknown Publishers came from Kenya. She is a long-time resident of Phoenix, Arizona. Her adventures—education, career, and journeys from her home country to the United States—inspired her to start publishing. She is dedicated to publishing work for young people that bring unique experiences different from their own. Books that will motivate young people to get curious, be aware. If you have wondered, what is it like to live and grow in Africa? Check it out and let us know what you think.


For more information, go to on books currently available and upcoming soon.


Joan Cheboswony, Director

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