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Custom Home Builder Delivering Quality Homes in Lansing Michigan

During a period when the world is dealing with one of the worst public health challenges, a Michigan home builder, Lavish Builders, has renewed their commitment to delivering quality and affordable homes to their clients. While making this commitment, the CEO, Jim Haeck said that they are building the future. “We are living in a challenging time, but we remain committed to our course, providing custom quality homes in Lansing, Michigan and the surrounding areas,” said Jim while adding that they are dedicated to making the building process easy and stress free.


Lavish Builders have provided their clients with the best quality homes at competitive prices. According to the company spokesperson, this has been enabled by their promise to give their clients the best service and offering with prices to match. They have been engaging a team of highly qualified, experienced professionals and subcontractors that share similar values, allowing them to work together as a solid unit. With such cooperation and dedication to customer satisfaction, they have managed to serve their clients diligently. The fact that they have also been offering free consultations and custom blueprints has allowed their customers to make great savings on their projects.


Exemplary reputation


The local and family owned business has cultivated an exemplary reputation and track record in Michigan. They pride themselves on building long term relationship with its sub-contractors, architects, engineers, and other members of a construction project, allowing them to deliver the best to the clients. Clients are assured of quality projects as well as delivery on time and within the budget. “We always maintain high levels of professionalism, integrity, and accountability; keeping our clients well informed on the progress of the project,” said the company spokesperson, while adding that they are committed to ensuring client satisfaction, and they can be depended upon from the time the project starts to its successful completion.


Clients who have benefited from custom home building and improvement services offered by Lavish Builders talk of the great workmanship that has been delivered by the company. Kevin O'Leary Aka Mr Wonderful, from the hit tv show Shark Tanks, said on a video "I've met a lot of different builders, The relationship you have with your builder really matters because you have a vision for what you want when you build or renovate a home and they have to translate it within budget, Very hard to do, Now I'm doing a big shout out there for Lavish Builders it’s an interesting model here because they are exactly that, there good at translating your desires into a quality home and when your building your own home you want to get the best home you can get for your buck! You need a builder that understands that so check out”. Kevin O'Leary’s testimonial video can be seen here.


COVID-19 With the country dealing with the effects of COVID-19, the company has taken the necessary precautions to keep its staff and customers safe. In a statement issued recently, Lavish Builders’ management announced that they have obligated their staff to implement safety measures while they are serving the clients. “With the focus on social distancing best practices, we are assured that our staff and sub-contractors are working to use the best procedures, “said Jim Haeck, predicting that they do not see an impact on their homebuilding availability. He added that they will continue to provide their clients with the custom home building and improvement services while taking the necessary precautions. “We are following the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention closely as well as that of federal and local authorities, with serious commitment to being responsive to customer needs and team members’ safety,” said Jim while urging all to observe safety measures.


About Lavish Builders LLC


Lavish Builders, LLC is a contracting business incorporated in the state of Michigan. The company has highly qualified staff and crew, bringing years of experience in custom home building, whole house renovations, and improvement together. Lavish Builders undertake building and high-end renovations and additions, building a sound relationship with their sub-contractors; the company has over the years completed many successful projects satisfying their customers with quality workmanship. 


Media contacts


Jim Haeck; Owner


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