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Lava Cap Cuts the Cord for Deep Conditioning

(August, 2020. Luxeriva) - It's time to ditch those heavy, corded thermal hair caps and steamers! Launching the Lava Cap this week, Luxeriva is revolutionizing heated conditioning treatments in meaningful ways. As we continue to experience stay-at-home orders and closed salons during this pandemic, it is common to end up with dry, damaged, and unruly hair. To rejuvenate your hair at home, you'll need a hot, deep conditioning treatment. Pamper yourself with the Lava Cap and ditch those old-school, uncomfortable and corded caps. 


Yes, that's right. The flexible, comfortable Lava Cap has no cord! You can move freely to do some chores, start your workday, or relax on the patio while your hair is deep conditioned. The secret is the use of flaxseed heated in the cap, which provides a naturally warm and humid environment. This gentle and steamy heat helps the conditioner or hair mask saturate your hair, rather than just sitting on your hair's surface.


The Lava Cap kit includes a detangling brush, disposable shower caps, and a protective bag to help boost any hair conditioning routine. Camille, a pre-launch customer, stated, "The Lava Cap is comfortable, it feels so good on when it's warmed up that I've fallen asleep with it on a couple of times."


The five easy steps to use the Lava Cap starts with applying the hair conditioner or treatment mask to your hair, covering your hair with a disposable shower cap, and then popping the Lava Cap into the microwave for 60 seconds. Then you'll wear the cap for up to 30 minutes while you relax or do whatever you want while the gentle heat soaks into your hair and scalp. After that, rinse the product out of your hair, style, and enjoy your replenished hair. 


If you've managed to keep your hair healthy, make your life more comfortable with the Lava Cap. Cut those corded versions and experience freedom and comfort with the Lava Cap. Plus, when we can travel and wander the earth again, it's a perfect thermal cap for traveling, whether visiting family or favorite theme-park. Still not convinced?You have nothing to lose since if you are not fully satisfied, there is a money-back guarantee.


Follow LavaCap on Instagram (, then visit their site at, or go straight, where you can purchase your Lava Cap in black, amber, or purple. 


Rose, Creative Director

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