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Shopaholic’s Recovery Leads to Sustainable Fashion at Maven Way Boutique

(August, 2020) - As our world transitions into the ever-evolving online shopping platform, the demand for sustainable clothing continues to grow. As stated in a variety of articles, such as “Top Trends in Sustainable FashionToday” by Sophia Matveeva, the world's second largest contributor to pollution is the fashion industry, including carbon emissions and microplastic water pollution.


Unfortunately, there are also many unethical practices in second and third world countries regarding clothing production, from child labor, reduced wages, and indecent working environments. 


Like many young women, self-proclaimed shopaholic Emily discovered the ugly truth of the fashion industry while preparing to earn a Master of Business Administration. While researching fashion and talking with friends, she also realized that many of her friends were unaware of existing sustainable clothing brands. Emily stated, "Digging into fashion really opened my eyes to all these issues within the industry - from the amount of waste to unfair labor practices - and I knew it was where I wanted to focus." Emily changed her shopping habits and began researching sustainable and ethical fashion for women's workwear and casual clothing. 


As a self-reformed shopaholic and former fast fashion junkie, Emily is excited to actively help other women find better clothing options. Emily realized there was an opportunity for her to impact other women's lives in a meaningful way directly. In her own words, she states, "One of the reasons for starting Maven Way was to empower women to make better purchases and provide a place they could feel confident they had selected brands that aligned with their values."


After researching ethical and sustainable clothing brands for women, Emily opened Maven Way Boutique in June 2020. Trends and high-fashion styles are not chased, so purchases can be worn for years to come. As the collection grows, Maven Way Boutique will always offer affordable, quality pieces to lessen the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Current articles include the crucial little black dress to cute cotton dresses, tanks tops, and cardigan sweaters makes this one-stop-shop a must-add to your shopping site bookmarks. 


In addition to sustainable fashion, Maven Way Boutique will educate others about the current fashion industry issues. A common question Emily still receives is, "What is meant by sustainable and ethical fashion?" A quick answer includes that it is clothing produced with a lower impact on the environment and in safe working environments. The real answer, though, is much more complicated.


Sustainable fashion uses natural and eco-friendly fabrics, less water, little to no harmful chemicals in production, improved working conditions, fair wages, and designing clothes for reuse and wearability. Overall, fashion labeled sustainable must incorporate these improvements compared to traditional methods of producing clothing, and consumers expect verifiable facts when considering sustainable sources. Ethical fashion is more about the actual supply and production line, including how workers are paid and treated. Ethical also means no child or forced labor, and everyone in the supply and production chain receives fair wages for their work and have safe working conditions.


Clothing has always been a way for Emily to express and portray the best version of herself creatively, and she believes the right outfit can help you feel like you can change the world. Whether you're a long-time sustainability fashionista or just beginning your sustainability journey, join us at for classic pieces that stand the test of time. For added value, be sure to sign up for the Maven Society to receive a 10% discount on your first order, and information on member-only offers.


Emily Graham

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