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Local Professional Photographer, Cindy Slocum, Offers Back to School Portraits..

With back to school in mind, most parents, teachers, and students are getting ready; and Cindy Slocum wants to capture these special moments. She is offering back to school portraits with her mobile photography studio around The Inland Empire. Cindy, a local professional portrait photographer offering mobile, outdoor, and home services, made the announcement while explaining that with COVID-19 causing so much disruption in life, including the school calendar; it’s amazing to be able to capture these moments before they are gone. “At, we are making it easy by bringing the photo studio to you” said Cindy, adding that her mobile photography sessions are undertaken with strict observance of all county guidelines for safe business practices.


Cindy has been setting up photoshoots at parks and at people’s homes, taking newborn photos, back to school portraits, graduation photos, and birthday portraits. With her mobile photography setup, she brings her services to her customers now that social distancing has prevented people from coming to her.


Cindy, who has been offering photography services at locations, says she is making life easier for her customers by going to them with her mobile sessions. With COVID-19 having put on hold most activities and so many businesses closed, Cindy confirms that she is giving families a chance to capture those memorable moments in the comfort of their homes or selected locations. With the back to school portraits, she is giving parents and children a chance to look back and remember the good times. She believes that those memories are worth cherishing and should be preserved for the future. “Moms from all over the Inland Empire were calling asking about school photos. We’ve had some parents schedule me to come out and do photos for over a dozen kids in 1 neighborhood! It’s been really fun and the kids love it” said Cindy.


Highly Rated


Cindy’s customers rate her highly and highlight her professionalism, quality, and the perfect, natural shots that she delivers for any occasion. One customer, who had hired her for an engagement and wedding party, describes her as “an amazing photographer”. This satisfied customer also added that Cindy helped her with great poses and always correctly figured out where the shots should be taken. “She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, taking her time to get everything just right,” confirming that she will always use Cindy for her photography needs for any occasion.


Another customer who had hired Cindy for a graduation and gender reveal photos, described her as “great and easy to work with”, revealing that she will be coming back for the newborn photos.


With a rating of five stars, her customers are pleased with her work, praising her for the great work and assistance accorded during the photoshoots. “I am so glad that my customers are happy with my work. I’ve taken maternity photos, newborn photos, birthday photos, graduation photos and the coolest part of what I do is being able to watch children and families grow.” Cindy said in reaction to her customers’ reviews.


Win A Photoshoot Raffle


Cindy is also running a promotion where she is giving customers a chance to win a free photoshoot. To enter the raffle, all you need to do is fill out a form where you provide your name and email address. There will be one winner who will be selected every month. Participants are not required to make any purchases to enter the raffle. Winners will be notified through email.


About Cindy Slocum


Cindy Slocum is a professional photographer living in Redlands, CA. She is the Chief Photographer of Now Start Marketing, a local digital marketing company. Cindy’s passion for photography began as a passion for film and evolved into photography. She studied photography at Riverside City College in 2007, where she made a name for herself taking pictures of local models, artists, and musicians.


Her photos have been featured on album covers, living room walls, magazines and websites across the world. Cindy has expanded her photography endeavors into product photography, food photography, commercial photography, and portraits.



Cindy Slocum
Professional Photographer

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