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A Tool to Overcome the Biggest Fear for Newbie Entrepreneurs

Individuals aspiring to become entrepreneurs can now benefit from the insights in Cecelia Nowlin’s new book, The Secret to Entrepreneurship for Newbies. The book, which Nowlin says explains a blueprint for building your first business, is a must read for those who are starting out as entrepreneurs. “The book is straight to the point with no fluff; it is just easy to read, giving full details on how to start your first business,” said the author while detailing the contents of the book.


Nowlin was a newbie entrepreneur, starting her business from scratch and building it into a successful establishment. She looks to sharing her insights, helping potential business owners to build their companies.


Topic Covered


The book covers a wide range of topics, including sound business strategies, setting goals, developing a solid business framework, addressing issues that may sabotage business growth, advertising and marketing, and establishing the how’s and why’s behind business goals.


Nowlin is giving her readers, and people looking to start their first business, insights on how she has dealt with the challenges they will be facing. As a person who started her own business and has first-hand experience of working hard and having to patiently whether the storms of starting up a business, she has been described as the ideal person to offer advice on the topic.


Amazon Book Review:


According to reviews from readers, the book is a must have for those who want to start a business. Gabriela, in her review on Amazon had this to say: “Wow, I absolutely loved this book! If you want to learn how to really start a business, then it’s for you. I am waiting for the next book from this author.”


Another review from Marury read: “I loved this book. It’s no fluff, just the important details. I loved how she kept it real. I’m ready.” Seamon sees the book as an inspiration — a great piece for new business owners as well as for those who may not be making the best use of their business, “it can get you on track and remind you of all the important things to do for yourself and your business. I recommend it,” he said.


About the Author


Cecelia Nowlin started as a newbie entrepreneur 18 years ago, building her business from the ground up. Cecelia, whose expertise is business startups, is a self-taught entrepreneur. With her company, Empower Business Group, she educates entrepreneurs through books, workshops, and virtual classes.




Spokesman: Cecelia Nowlin, CEO, Empower Business Group

Contact: 949 652 2029



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