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Xuying Factory: Fifteen Years of Excellent Bathroom Essentials and Home Decorations

This year, Xuying factory celebrates fifteen years of excellence and transformative products. When announcing this, Xuying’s company spokesperson said that they are proud to have created a brand that represents excellent product and exemplary service to its customers. Xuying was founded in 2005. A professional and experienced manufacturer of contemporary, innovative, and high-end bathroom essentials and home decor, the company has, over the last fifteen years, served as supplier and partner to large hotel chains and big supermarkets. It has also catered to countless individual customers, providing them with bathroom essentials using only the best materials in the latest style. “We have, over the years, strived to provide the best designs to our customers, giving them excellent quality and a lifetime guarantee of our products,” said Xuying’s company spokesperson, while adding that they will continue to offer only the best to their customers.


“We mainly manufacture resin bathroom accessories and hotel bathroom accessories, but we also have customized product services. We are able to offer unique design services to current customers and potential new customers, by employing our excellent in-house design teams,” Xuying’s company representative added.


“As a professional manufacturer, our factory can supply solutions that follow customer request, idea, and draft. Your product will be ready within 45-55 days. Our products range from black bathroom accessories, gold bathroom accessories, complete bathroom sets, matte black bathroom accessories and many others. Xuying factory products have an acceptance rate of above 99%,” said the company representative, adding that they will always strive to maintain the reputation that they’ve built around the brand.


About Xuying Factory


Dongguan Xuying Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of resin, concrete bathroom kits, and furniture decorations. Founded in 2005, under the name Guan Wei, the company is known for excellent production capability and technology. Its comprehensive production and quality inspection system pays great attention to the customer’s required standards of quality. The company specializes in the production of polyresin, ceramic, and cement bathroom accessories. It has also supplied home decor and ceramic tableware for leading companies in North America, Europe, and the Middle East.Xuying has even served and partnered with large hotel chains, such as the Hilton and Accor hotels,as well as big supermarket chains, like Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and LIDL, among others.


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