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“Sare Jahan Se Achha" Director Prakash Bhardwaj Launches New Infotainment Portal "DHANSU"

Bollywood film producer and director Prakash Bhardwaj has launched an infotainment news portal named "DHANSU.” The CEO, who also produces films and series, among which are the very successful seasons of “Sare Jahan Se Achha,” said that Dhansu will be a web infotainment portal that is accessible to everyone. Dhansu will have articles and series including infamous and famous controversies, conspiracies, trivia, political events, Bollywood, art, literature, and a whole lot more. “The audience will get to know real information with actual facts and sources,” said Prakash Bhardwaj when announcing the creation of the news portal.


Bhardwaj came up with the idea for the news portal after the tremendous success of the series "Sare Jahan Se Achha" Seasons 1 and 2. “Sare Jahan Se Achha” is a web reality show which focuses on good work done by ordinary people who want to improve society. Known for his socially aware and political films, the Bollywood director and producer says with DHANSU, people will learn important information and events without bias.


“When you want to get a reference, you can rely on non-biased and researched sources here in Dhansu. People can watch quality information and news which one should know. We are not in any race of doing the fastest news countdown, but we will give people a quality news platform where they can spend quality time to know interesting facts,” said Prakash while explaining the rationale behind the infotainment news portal.


The Dhansu news and views platform gives its audience objective content. Prakash says that they want to explore important events, both from the past and present, reporting them objectively. “With Dhansu, you can expect unbiased views. We are neutral and do not favor any wing, caste, or race. Our aim is to present viewers with information and entertainment that meet their needs as well as maintaining professionalism and standards.” According to Bhardwaj, the platform will be like reading a chapter in a book, where people can get references. “We are not in any race of getting the fastest news and happenings publicized. We are also not very keen to give aggressive news but to talk about things that inform and entertain you,” added the Dhansu CEO.


In a world that is riddled with fake news and biased reporting, Dhansu aims to give people an alternative—a platform they can actually rely on that provides independent and objective reporting, and where biases based on race, politics, or caste do not influence the content. With the media having lost its trustworthiness among much of its audience, the new portal aims to restore public trust by providing content based on facts. The platform comes at a time when reliance on the internet to provide answers has increased tremendously, with the probability of coming across content that is misleading being higher than ever. Dhansu fills an information gap for people who are looking for true and unbiased content. Prakash says that Dhansu is up to this task, even adding that his previous work in the film industry is proof that they can deliver the expectations of their audience. “We are building a platform that you can rely on—a place where quality is the guiding principle. With us, you are assured of information and news that is objective.


We are not after fame but just want to fulfill our duty to the audience by giving them content that means something in their lives,” said Prakash while urging the audience to support the new portal.


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