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GapNurse Bridging the Gap in the Healthcare Industry

A brand new SAAS technology platform, GapNurse, is helping address one of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry. The platform is connecting nursing professionals with local healthcare facilities. While introducing the platform, one of the GapNurse founders said that they are coming in to provide solutions at a time when there is a dire emergency shortage and a gap between the healthcare professional’s availability and their demand. While emphasizing that they are not a staffing agency, the founder stressed that they are providing a revolutionary approach for facilities and nurses to discover their compatibility.


GapNurse, which seeks to empower nurses through offering flexibility and higher pay while at the same time helping to lower the cost of care, is currently seeking RNs, LPNs, CNAs, Medical Technicians and QMAPs.


The shortage of healthcare professionals, and specialist nurses in particular, has been crippling the healthcare industry for a long time. Never in the recent history has this challenge been so clear than the first half of 2020, when the world was grappling with a serious public health crisis. The shortage of nurses, increases in medical complexities, caregiver fatigue, and now COVID-19; the new reality is pushing talented caregivers to new levels of exhaustion. This is what promoted a group of health administrators, nurses, and technologists to put their differences aside and create a real-world solution that can put these problems to an end.


“We seek to connect empowered healthcare workers with organizations who value their skills and knowledge and to promote a safe, affordable, and trustworthy community of care,” said the platform spokesperson, also confirming that licensed clinicians (RNs, LPNs, CNAs, Med-Techs, QMAPs) are joining at no cost. The platform spokesperson also added that safety and security of their information is guaranteed, as it will be stored in the nurse's "Personal Vault".


Signing up


Nurses sign up by being prompted on an app that is downloaded in iPhone's App Store OR in Google Play on Android devices. The registration process is prompted and videos are available to guide users through the registration process. Nurses provide details such as their healthcare license number and their records of vaccinations. During the application, one should provide a personal photo and copies of auto insurance as some of the assignments may require travel as well as giving consent for a background check. Other details include payment options where one can choose same day pay or weekly direct deposits as well as infection control records. “All the information provided during the registration process is treated with the utmost confidentiality, and its security and safety is guaranteed,” added the platform spokesperson.


What the users are saying


Nurses who have signed up with the platform talk of the great benefits they have gotten in the short period it has been in operation. Debora , a director of nursing, had this to say: "So I decided to try GapNurse. Turns out, I was able to try out nurses before making them full time offers, and I wasn't disappointed." The same experience was expressed by Mary, an RN in Florida, "GapNurse allowed me to pick up a few extra shifts here and there, and I earned higher rates than at my full-time job. It’s a great way to make more money to pay off debt". Flexibility is also proven by Brian, a CNA from Colorado who likened it with Uber: “It’s just like Uber for nurses. All I had to do was log onto the app, picked up 4-hour shift 2 miles from my house, and I was paid on the same day. It was awesome.”


Similar flexibility sentiments were expressed by Morgan, an LPN, from Florida: "Everyone says nurses are in demand, but I was laid off because I didn't want to work on a COVID Floor. GapNurse allows me to pick up shifts whenever I want, so it lets me live the lifestyle I want while making enough money to pay my bills."


To re-assure facility managers, GapNurse carefully and thoroughly checks the background of the nurses who participate in the program; this, according to the platform spokesperson, ensures that caregivers are receiving the high-quality care they deserve. Upon vetting, a nurse is required to choose jobs that they are fit to do based on their qualifications, experience, availability, flexibility, and comfort. Among the benefits that a caregiver gets from this program is affordable and quality healthcare while the professional nurses are guaranteed of higher and same day payment as well as access to online learning tools and education while their details are kept secure and safe.


“We are helping nursing professionals to seamlessly connect with local facilities that value their skills and experience.In doing that, we are contributing to the development of healthcare through promoting safety, affordability, and a trustworthy community of care,” said the GapNurse spokesperson.


About GapNurse


GapNurse is a platform founded by healthcare professionals whose aim is to allow nurses and nursing assistants to enjoy their professions with flexibility. It seamlessly connects independent nursing professionals with healthcare facilities that are looking to fill short-term and permanent assignments.


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