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It Is Ready! Are You? Start Setting Your Goals with EverGreener Goal Tracking Calendar Today

EverGreener Goal Tracking Calendar, a tool that will help people focus on their financial, physical, and mental health, has been launched. Wen Zhang, the co-founder of EverGreener LLC, said that the calendar was created with a mission to help people realize their goals and dreams while announcing the launch of the product: “We believe in helping people reach their full potential in life, assisting them to focus on their financial, mental health, and physical goals.” Zhang explained that they are providing a simple system that will help people achieve their goals and cultivate an overall sense of balance to become the best version of themselves.


As a pioneer in the industry, the EverGreener Goal Setting Calendar is to help people achieve their goals easily by demystifying success as a mere product of luck but rather as a result of proper planning. This is a notion that is evidence based, with research showing that when one writes down a goal, the chances of achieving it is significantly greater than when on just thinks about.


While noting that not everyone understands their goals or knows how to set them as well as acknowledging the set back that people get as a result; the co-founder asserted that by using the goal tracking calendar, users will be prompted to set their goals easily on a monthly basis. “We will help you set the right goals, even if you have no idea how to do it. We will provide suggestions around mind, body, and wealth; the three most important areas that greatly shape our lives.” The product is designed to provide goal suggestions with options of monthly, weekly or daily goals, all depending on how users would like to align with the future.


The Goal Tracking Calendar is a patent design, incorporating the mind, body, and wealth aspects of life with daily checkboxes on the calendar’s actual date. With this feature, users can set their goals and hold themselves accountable on daily, weekly, and monthly actions.


“The best day of your life is when you decide your life is your own. It is time to start asking yourself what you really want instead of going with the flow of life, “said Wen, also adding that EverGreener is ready to support users and help them become the best versions of themselves.


This product is now ready for shipping and is available on or


About EverGreener


EverGreener is a goal-oriented calendar that helps users set the right objectives and track them effectively daily, weekly, and monthly. Through following a system of mapped out activities, tracking progress as these are completed, the user will be able see how small changes over time manifest success throughout many areas of life. With improvement on focus, the user will stimulate enhanced personal wealth and time-management skills to reach true growth. EverGreener is meant to help people reach their full potential in life.



Wen Zhang
Co-Founder of EverGreener LLC

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