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Select a Color—Making the Annoying Routine of Wearing a Mask Fun!

With the need to curb the spread of COVID-19 at the top of the agenda, masks have been recommended for their effectiveness in preventing infections in places where social and physical distancing are not possible. Health experts and scientists have said that wearing a mask reduces the chances of infection significantly with authorities all over the world encouraging people to mask up. In this spirit, came up with an idea of encouraging every member of the family, including the youngest ones, to wear a mask. “With a sudden need to wear masks in public places, we thought of a way to make wearing masks enjoyable for families and kids,” said the company representative while announcing the availability of their animal masks.


Iryna Shkira, the co-founder of explains that they have launched a new brand of fun animal face masks that are machine washable and 100% cotton with feature filter pockets. “Kids love wearing our masks, and parents are relieved now that they don't have to struggle with ‘making’ their kids wear them anymore,” said Iryna.


Iryna further explained that, “We are not only providing playful animal masks that will make it fun for the kids but we are also contributing to helping those that have lost a part of their income,” acknowledging that there are indeed people who have lost a significant amount of income due to this pandemic.


For this reason, all their masks are hand sewn by local Portuguese seamstresses as opposed to turning to one big manufacturer. With their model of production, the funny face mask makers are providing work to a number of people. “Through buying our masks, customers will not only be reducing the spread of COVID-19 but also the economic effects it has meted out on people. Our mask makers will get remuneration that will help to compensate for their loss of earnings,” observed Iryna, who also added that part of the proceeds they get from sales will be donated to the World Health Organization.


“We wondered how else we could contribute to fight COVID-19 and decided to donate part of our income to the COVID Response Fund – with each purchase from our website one Euro or one Pound (depending on the currency of sale) goes to the fund,” said Iryna.


Because the face masks are made of 100% cotton, they can be washed and recycled. This, according to the company representative, makes them safer for the environment. To make the face masks more effective against infection, the reusable face covers come with a pocket for changeable filters or surgical masks. While acknowledging that the face masks may not offer full protection against the virus, the company spokesperson cited WHO advisories that recommend adding more layers on a cloth mask.


Parents that have bought the funny kids face masks say that the children love wearing them, confirming that they used to have a hard time convincing them to wear a mask. “My son cannot get enough of his mask – I had to buy a couple of extras, so he can choose a different animal every day!” exclaimed one of the parents.


It’s not just the kids who are having fun wearing the face masks either. Adults are also getting compliments on the street. “A beautifully made mask with lots of stunning details. I've gotten compliments wherever I have worn it, and my 4-year old son likes his mask too. There is plenty of elastic and you can tie a loop to adjust the size of your mask,” said one of the customers, who also described them as adorable and comfortable to wear.


The masks are available at


About is a Portuguese, Lisbon based brand; a mother-daughter company born out of a sudden need to wear face masks. Its mission is to take this necessity (and the grim attitude towards it) of wearing masks and turn it into a fun experience – be it wearing twinning masks with your kids, or significant other; walking the dog wearing a puppy face mask, or going grocery shopping with panda face masks on.


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