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Austinite, Dr Heather Walker, Shows Companies How to Lead with Levity Against All Odds

With mental health taking its toll on employees’ wellbeing and productivity, Levity Workplace Audit, a tool that explores the factors required to support a productive, happy, and healthy culture; has been launched. Levity Workplace Audit is an employee feedback survey that captures impressions of the work environment while crowdsourcing more meaningful experiences for employees.


Heather Walker Ph.D., the brain behind the unique tool, says that leaders everywhere are recognizing that all work and no play leads to burnout—a situation that affects the productivity of employees and overall performance of an organization. With businesses facing resource constraints, a method that gives the required results with less resources is a game changer; a premise that Heather says made her come up with the tool.


"You have the power to usher in a culture of deeper connections, where employees and customers feel valued and at home," said Dr Walker, adding that the audit tool presents organizations with a chance to present the workers with activities that are relevant to them for more authentic experiences.


The audit involves Heather meeting with leaders to discuss their goals and then surveys the teams to report back with recommendations. In the survey critical aspects are investigated including how the team perceives itself, the depth of happiness and loyalty of the team, exploring whether the team has levity, finding out the systematic factors that support or suppress levity at work, and what can be done to increase levity. Then, the Levity Workplace Audit crowdsources creative ideas for preferred ways of increasing fun, leadership support, and ways to reduce stress from the team. “This survey yields a rich source of information and suggestions for leaders to support team unity, levity, and how to reduce turnover,” Heather Walker explained. She also added that when working together, the employee experience can be transformed one office at a time.


Peter Steinberg, Leadership & Innovation Expert, Former International Olympic Coach, Rugby Commentator at CBS, ESPN, and Fox Sports had this to say about Dr Heather and the audit tool: "She has made a big impact with clients in helping them understand their situation and how to move forward."


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About Lead with Levity LLC


Lead with Levity LLC was officially founded in May 2020 to help companies build happier, healthier workplaces with employee feedback and culture assessments. Breaking down the science of fun, Dr. Heather Walker Ph.D. uses these tools to help leaders gain insights into factors that are needed to support a productive, happy, and healthy culture where levity is the norm.


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