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Vio Beats Reveals How He Made It Through The “Beats” Industry

Good music with catchy and well-arranged beats does not come easy, as most artists would confess. However, for Vio Beats, a music producer who provides beats for hip hop artists, it comes naturally. In a recent interview, the Los Angeles based music producer narrated his journey through the music “beats” industry. Vio, who has more than five years experience in the industry, revealed that making beats is the most natural thing to him and ultimately works around it to give his clients a catchy tune and professional clean sound. He says that to make a good production, he ensures that he has high energies and the right team—people who keep positivity flowing and ensure that everybody leaves satisfied and happy.




He describes himself as both a follower and a trendsetter, something that gives him the best of both worlds. Vio’s beats are different from other producers, which comes from the fact that he is not compelled to follow a given trend. He believes in creating trends rather than just following.




Vio Beats had a strong passion of music from an early age. As a teenager he would grab his parents’ piano and press the keys; little did he know that this would later become his thing. He first thought of becoming a DJ, but inside him was a burning passion for something bigger—he wanted to create his own beats for people to listen to rather than just playing music for clubs.


Vio says that is biggest musical influences are: DJ Mustard, who always had major tracks reaching the top and every beat was a banger; Croosh, Mantra, P-Lo, Paupa, and CashMoneyAP.


Those he has worked with hail him for his professionalism and reliability. "Vio Beats is a reliable producer who gets the job done, no matter the request. He has produced my entire album and made sure it followed industry standards. I'm more than happy with the final results of the mix and master," said one of the artists.


Vio has worked with a number of artists including: Turtle Boy Troy, Alyssa, Ty B, and Bmore. He says it’s fascinating working with new artists, recognizing that there is a lot of undiscovered talent running around. He reaches out to upcoming producers and artists, encouraging them to work hard and be persistent, “My advice to other producers and artists would be to just be yourself. No matter what other people tell you, just be you.” Vio added that focusing too much on negative energy out there derails an artist from their course, something which is detrimental to their growth.


About Vio Beats


Also known as Dominic Janis, Vio Beats is an American artist, producer, and songwriter from Los Angeles. He provides beats to artists, working mainly in the hip hop scene. Most of his beats consist of Trap and Pop, but he also works in other genres such as RnB, Hip Hop, and EDM.


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Troy Sessoms

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