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Marketing transformation by the Xerago Marketing CoE - a bright light at the end of a dark...

Finding new customers and retaining the ones that a business already has is vital for survival particularly in today’s world. Marketing budgets are slashed. Jobs have been made redundant. And the need to demonstrate ROI on marketing efforts is very high.


Traditional ways of messaging and engagement don’t really work – when you need to ensure that the needs of your existing customers are met, all the while remaining attractive to prospects. Xerago introduces special packages for businesses struggling to remain relevant in such a scenario by helping them set up Marketing Centres of Excellence.


A Marketing Centre of Excellence is your brand’s extended outsourced marketing team that executes marketing tasks spanning prospect and customer journey, end-to-end. It helps you transform your business’s marketing efforts completely – at scale, day in and day out. Xerago’s team of experts come with multi-disciplinary skills, and work together to produce tremendous synergy, resulting in optimal efficiency of your marketing efforts. When they get involved, they ensure that


  • There are lean, scalable and agile processes in place
  • Clear goals are set
  • Marketing and technology is aligned to ensure those goals are achieved at scale.


When Xerago sets up a marketing centre of excellence for your business, you will find you have –


  • A marketing agenda based on your business’s priorities
  • A huge boost in marketing velocity
  • Efficient marketing processes
  • Improved business profits
  • A big reduction in turnaround times
  • Great ROI
  • SUBSTANTIAL savings


All this takes time and investment. And during these times when sales have been hit, the numbers low, marketing budgets slashed, but the stakes are high, Xerago introduces special packages for small enterprises. Our team of experts and consultants will work to understand a business and its unique situation and work with them to get them back on track, at very special rates.


Talk to us to see how we can work together to optimise your marketing efforts and get great ROI


About Xerago


Xerago is an Integrated Marketing Services Provider that helps brands with their Marketing Transformation.


Xerago does this by setting up and running Marketing Centres of Excellence that operate at the confluence of People, Process, Technology and Analytics. Marketing CoE encompasses Digital Presence Management, Digital Marketing, Portal Yield Management, Campaign Management, MarTech Management and Digital & Data Analytics. Headquartered in the Bay Area, Xerago has offices across the world.


For more info about Marketing COE, Visit here:

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