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What Are China Micro Switch and Where Are They Used?


This guide is about a tech that most people are surrounded by. But you can't feel the existence of this technology if you don't belong to the discipline of technological sciences. We will talk about a micro switch. Keep reading to know more.


Before getting into specifics, it is important to understand a short history of those switches which can take you back to 1932 when it was devised at Illinois, USA through valuable participation of Peter McGall. After 5 decades of the invention, McGall started a micro change company that served as a foundation stone with this particular ever-growing technology.


Let us now generalize the purpose and uses of the technology. The selling point of a micro switch can be derived from its own words. It's a switch that can be triggered by minimum force exerted by means of a lever to transmit the stream of present until the device is turned off.


We'll now emphasize on the regions where these buttons are utilized and I am certain that you must be using them in your daily lives. We can categorize its use into two broad categories to make things readily comprehensible. Thus, let us begin. Visit our website to get more info about China Limit Switch factory.

Home Programs

The appliances which we will speak about needs to be familiar to everybody as they all are used regularly in almost every household. Micro switches are used in most appliances in which you see a power supply that has to be turned on/off but there are various additional purposes too. We will explain them through illustrations.


The first example will be washing machines where you can find them at the form of water-level sensors and completion alarms. In refrigerators, they are employed in detecting the freezing levels and assessing whether the ice maker is placed in the correct position.



Next on the list are all air conditioners. In these units, micro-switches are used to detect the close/open status of the door panels, cooling levels and angle of louvers. You can also find them on ovens and stoves and the most common usage of those switches can be understood on the panel which is used to control most of function of ovens and stoves.

Building & Security Software

Another significant area where micro switches are too used includes security software and various appliances of any building/premises. Here again we'll consider the power on/off switch as a main function and will attempt to figure out additional usages.


An extremely common example of a micro switch can be seen in alerts and push buttons that are typically pressed in a state of crisis or requirement. The most common examples include fire alarms, emergency doors, bell of assistance etc.. Another frequent example is that the turning devices for cameras.


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