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Fallen Heroes Foundation Seeks to Raise Funds to Help Families of Fallen Volunteer Fire Fighters

Fallen Heroes Foundation, an organization helping the families of volunteer firefighters that were killed in the line of duty, is seeking to raise funds to provide assistance to the families as they try to recover from their tragic losses.


While making this announcement, the Fallen Heroes Foundation founder and commissioner, Ed Mackey, said that they are targeting to give $25,000 to each family, so they can pay their mortgages for at least a year while they grieve and recover from the loss of their loved one. Ed himself being a beneficiary of the volunteer fire department, said: “Because of my family’s story, it is now time to give back and pay it forward.”


Ed Mackey, who explained that the initiative was based on his own personal story, reveals that his volunteer fire department paid their mortgage for five months after his family was involved in a horrific auto accident. “In the ten days of memory lapse, I can only recall two images. One of them was the fire firefighters who saved us, lined around my bed in the ICU.


“The Sullivan County Volunteer Fire Department near Bristol, TN are my brothers, my sisters, and my heroes,” confessed Ed, revealing that when they found out that he was a volunteer firefighter with the Milton Fire Department in NY, they came to the hospital to check on his family. He says he has great love for these men and women, and they will always be in his and his family’s hearts for the rest of their lives.


With volunteer firefighters not having the death benefits that career firefighters have, Ed Mackey explains that they started the Fallen Heroes Foundation to help families pull through during the difficult times when a loved one is lost. “My fire department helped my family in a time of crisis, so I feel obliged to assist a family recover when they lose a loved one that has dedicated his or her life to help others,” Ed Mackey expounded on the vision and mission of the foundation.


Ed added that “a volunteer fire department was there to help my family when a tragedy befell us, and that is why we seek to raise these funds—to pay it forward.” He also described volunteer firefighters as true heroes who should be honored for their work. The fact that they risk their lives, engaging in dangerous activities that is meant to save lives and property, makes them heroes—people who are dedicated to help others.


The foundation only exists through donations and hopes to start helping families from January 1, 2021. To make donations toward this great cause, well-wishers have been requested to visit the organization’s website.


About Fallen Heroes Foundation


Fallen Heroes Foundation is a voluntary not-for-profit organization that aids the families of volunteer fire fighters who died in the line of duty. It is an organization that relies strictly on donations to help families meet the financial needs so that they can get back on their feet after tragedy has knocked them down. Started in April 2019 by Ed Mackey, the organization has been working to raise enough funds to start helping families as soon as January 2021. Their goal is to give $25,000 to each family, helping them to pay their mortgage for at least one year while they grieve and recover from their great loss.


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