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Clapper—A New App That Guarantees Free Speech, Available in App Stores

A new app that allows users to freely express themselves has been launched. Clapper (formerly NewsClapper) is a free speech, short video, social media application that comes at a time when restrictions and censorship, especially on personal views and political opinions, are threatening people’s right to freedom of speech and expression. Described as the political TikTok, Clapper allows the users more freedom where they can view and upload videos, focusing on politics and community issues.


While announcing the launch, Clapper Media inc (formerly NewsClapper), the creative minds behind the app said that Clapper is designed to be more like a “Sunstack for video” than YouTube with a more user-friendly interface.


Unlike other media, Clapper (formerly NewsClapper) will have features where content creators can be supported directly by their audiences. “As a content creator, you are paid by your subscribers and you can communicate directly with them,” explained the Clapper Media Inc representative.


The app has been described as a game changer, particularly in community and political scenes. It will give content creators a chance to reach out to larger audiences, and with political opinions and strong views being pulled down in some platforms, Clapper (formerly NewsClapper) will offer a home where contributors can reach out freely without restrictions.


Built on the principle of free speech, Clapper (formerly NewsClapper) aims at providing users with a platform where they can express their freedom, focusing on important issues in the community and political scenes.


“Clapper undeniably provides the best tools in the industry for you to accomplish that with no limitation on the abundance of content variety that can be produced,” assured Edison, CEO of Clapper Media Inc. He also added that the platform is providing a safe house for content creators who have experienced censorship and a curtailment of their freedom of speech.


Inspiring creativity and brining joy to the users, the platform is working at building a global community where users can create and share content authentically, enabling the discovery of the world around them as well as encouraging connectivity across the globe. “With Clapper, users can celebrate what makes them unique and find a community that shares similar sentiments,” concluded the platform’s spokesperson.


The app is available for download at both Google Play Store and the App Store. The download link is 


About Clapper Media Inc


Clapper Media Inc is an independent digital media company delivering short mobile videos to hundreds of millions of people around the world. The platform aims at providing users with a channel where they can express their views without restrictions and censorship. It encourages freedom of speech and free expression of personal opinions, political views as well as sharing video news.


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