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Matchmaking set to get easier with SophisticatedPeople

Matchmaking is set to change forever following the launch of the first online dating site tailored for business professionals., an online dating platform that aims at empowering business professionals by fostering intimate online connections, will be launched on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020. While making the announcement, the owner, Archie S Ford said they are providing a safe and secure place, where busy professionals can take advantage of the features provided in the online dating site. “We are about to make matchmaking easier, providing our clients with a niche based online dating experience,” said Archie while adding that intimate relationships are highly likely to be established, as those who are looking for a match will have a targeted search.


“We are making it easy for business professionals to meet their perfect matches. You have a rich pool of business professionals searching for their perfect matches; people who share similar interests and above all are mature. With us, you are highly likely to meet the person who meets your quality standards and can develop an intimate connection and strong relationship,” said Archie, also adding that they aim at providing a platform which is based on trust, respect, and honesty.


SophsticatedPeople is changing the way people view dating sites. Archie said that the platform is a place where perfect matches can get the affection they need with sophistication. They are offering a paradigm shift from online dating sites, which mostly focus on casual relationships. The platform promises an avenue where serious people meet interested partners—those who are geared towards building connections and relationships that yield the desired results. The platform hopes to achieve this through focusing on ambitious, caring, attractive, and physically fit matches as well as providing unique experiences. It is geared towards establishing friendships and connections based on people’s values.


As a dating site which respects diversity and culture; encourages people across all cultures, races, and colors to try their luck, as they have a pool of profiles that cuts across diversity. “If you are looking for a perfect match, our rich portfolio; a platform where you can find different professionals and people from diverse backgrounds as well as interests; is the perfect place to be.


We strongly feel that you will find the qualities you need in a private environment, where respect and honesty are valued principles,” said Archie adding that business professionals will find a place where they can socialize and foster new relationships.


“You can’t fall in love if you don’t try. We are offering you a platform where you can make it happen. We are making it easier—it doesn’t get better than this. Your busy schedule should not be a barrier to meeting your soulmate; search through the profile and you will find the person who is meant for you,” says Archie, confirming that all that one needs to make all this happen is SophisticatedPeople, a platform meant to connect busy professionals in a safe and secure environment.


For those who have used the platform, notable differences in getting the required results have been top of the list. According to Archie, these clients have been praising the rich portfolio and the fact that it is all fun and adventurous to use the site. “Online dating is meant to be an adventure, so why not embrace it?” said one client who was among the first to join the platform.


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SophisticatedPeople is an online dating platform with a difference. It is a place where hundreds find their perfect match and build a fruitful relationship. It is a platform that empowers sophisticated business men and women, to build deep connections. It aims at demystifying online dating as a place where people are shameful and instead promoting it as a platform where people looking for intimate encounters can meet and comfortably get to know each other while utilizing technology to safeguard their privacy.


Media contacts


SophisticatedPeople LLC

111 Town Square Place

Suite 1203

Jersey City, NJ 07310


Phone:(800) 546-9230

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