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HAPPY PAWS 4 LIFE (HP4L), a company that started manufacturing a range of pet products in 2019, is re-launching, after COVID-19 interruptions. The company is revitalizing its products through reformulations.


While making the announcement, Daniel Young, the CEO and Co-Founder of HAPPY PAWS 4 LIFE, said they are happy to re-launch, promising to provide pet owners with products that will improve the health of their pets.


While explaining how the company was started, Young had this to say: “After being alarmed by the lack of high-quality products on the market for pets—HAPPY PAWS 4 LIFE stepped in to create premium, perfected, and pure products.” ALL the products created by HP4L are certified to be 100% safe for cats and dogs.”


Covid hit this young company very hard, almost putting the company out of business. In Young’s words, “I was devastated by the pandemic because the stores we had signed on to carry our products between December and March closed down because they were ‘non-essential’. Rather than give up, I decided to use the down time to collaborate with my co-founders and do more research to improve on the original formula. As a result, we added a powerful prebiotic and Omega-3 rich ingredients to our products, in order to enhance the benefits of our Full Spectrum CBD Extract oil. This new formula promotes better digestion and builds a stronger immune system.


I am very proud of our new products, and I'm grateful that most of the retailers we signed up with before COVID are now coming back to us to carry our products. I hope and encourage other entrepreneurs adversely affected by this pandemic to keep pushing ahead because giving up should never be an option when it comes to something you have a passion for doing.”


HP4L aims to provide high-quality, alternative ranges sourced from the entire hemp plant. Hemp, which contains CBD, has a host of scientifically proven benefits for the health of humans and pets alike. In addition to premium Pet CBD in oils and doggy treats, the company plans to release new products made from the stalk of industrial hemp.

Unlike other CBD based pet products, which contain little to no beneficial CBD, HAPPY PAWS 4 LIFE provides pet parents with premium products that contain the highest quality ingredients from all-natural sources with no chance of making pets “high”.




The organic hemp oil for cats has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, assisting cats in fighting infections, as well as strengthening their joints and relieving pain. It can also help in calming a nervous cat, as it relieves stress and anxiety.This product is available in chicken flavor.




The organic hemp oil for dogs can fight infections, as well as strengthen bones and joints. It also has a calming effect on dogs and can treat many known skin issues. According to the CEO and co-founder of HAPPY PAWS 4 LIFE, a dog that is experiencing stress or anxiety due to separation or exhibiting constant barking and natural aggressive behavior can benefit from their products.


Young also added that consumption of their products will improve digestion and strengthen your pet’s immune system. The product is ideal for dogs that may be suffering from low appetitive and poor digestive health.


For dogs that take longer to digest their food, taking CBD oil treats improves the digestive system, as well as aids in the absorption of nutrients necessary to the body’s proper functioning. While stating that the directions for use are easy, Young added that it is recommended that CBD be given to pets twice a day for a minimum of two weeks.


According to Daniel, “There is a lot of misleading information online, combined with a ton of false claims, resulting in under informed or misinformed customers. Before CBD really begins to work, the CB1 and CB2 receptors must have time to open, which normally takes about 10 days.


After the cell receptors are opened, CBD can enter the cells and begin restoring them.This is when you can truly see the full benefits of CBD.”




HAPPY PAWS 4 LIFE (HP4L) is a company that manufactures a wide range of pet CBD products sourced from hemp. Founded in 2019, HP4L aims to provide high-quality, alternatively sourced products for pets.


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