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Serg Litty Releases Hot New Hip Hop Single “Options” Produced by Spawntain the Illavator

Serg Litty has just released his newest song “Options”. The song which is produced by Spawntain the Illavator. In the new song, Serg Litty has a new age flow where he is blending trap beats with his own Bay Area spin. He was originally from San Jose California but currently lives in Atlanta. While announcing the release, his producer, Spawntain the Illavator, said that fans of Jack Harlow and Caskey will love his sound, as he fits right into that niche pretty well. “If you are looking for songs to get motivated about making money, flexing on your haters or chasing a dream, Serg Litty is the rapper to listen to,” said Spawntain the Illavator who is also known as Josh Ruiz.


When commenting on the choice of style in the song “Options,” Serg Litty says that he is trying to encompass the trap style, with his own Serg Litty spin on it, while staying focused on his roots, which is the Bay Area.


“Learn to love the process not the finish line” says Sergio Medeiros, AKA Serg Litty, whose love for music began when he was still very young.“I’ve had a deep passion for Hip-hop since I can remember and it’s finally time to show the industry what I am made of,” says Serg Litty. He added that they made this song with Spawntain the Illavator to flex on the haters who constantly doubt them when it comes to making it in the music industry.“We want to prove a point that we are here to stay and belong in the Bay Area rap scene,” reckoned Serg Litty, while adding that their intention is to make it big in the world of music.


Currently,Serg Litty and Spawntain the Illavator are working on a project which they are calling Shark Tales. According to the duo, the project is about Serg Litty’s story coming up out of San Jose, CA and the chip on his shoulder that motivated him to reach a level of success which they say, “most don’t achieve.”Serg says they have called San Jose “the tank,” and “Shark City” because it’s home to the San Jose Sharks NHL team. With the project, he intends to showcase his new style, while incorporating trap elements while still staying true to his Bay Area roots.


The song is available on several platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Amazon Music.


About Serg Litty


Serg Litty, also known as Sergio Medeiros, has been focused on this new trap/Bay Area focused sound for the last year while building a project called Shark Tales which is being executive produced by Josh Ruiz aka Spawntain the Illavator. They two come from San Jose California and they are working together chasing the same dream with their mutual passion for Hip-hop. They are currently in the process of releasing back-to-back singles for their existing fan base, while grinding as hard as they can to build their music group—expanding their reach to bring in new listeners and fans. Hip-hop has been the core of who they are since their early days and now they feel it’s about time that their music reaches far and beyond, making a name for themselves in the Hip-hop industry. They have just released the single called “Options” on all digital streaming platforms. The single is gaining traction. Serg Litty is looking to expand off that while telling their stories on the world stage.


Media contact info


Sergio Medeiros

CEO of Serg Music Group

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