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Sleep Outfitters Offers A New Approach to Mattress Shopping

Unless you've been in the market for a new mattress recently, you may not have noticed that your local Mattress Warehouse is now a Sleep Outfitters. After all, most people only buy a new bed every decade, so mattress stores aren’t on their radar. However, the changes are remarkable and start with a focus on the importance of sleep and creating a customized experience that shoppers will find enjoyable and comfortable.


Sleep Outfitters will "outfit you for a perfect night's sleep" with a sleep solution for every individual need. Trained Outfitters work with their guests to develop a Personal Sleep Profile. Based on that information, they put together a sleep solution to address various sleep issues, from waking up too hot during the night to waking up achy in the morning.


"Most people understand that the wrong mattress can negatively affect their sleep," says Mike Poppe, CEO of Sleep Outfitters. "But what they don't realize is how the right mattress, combined with the right foundation, protector, sheets, and pillows, can profoundly affect their sleep. It can be life-changing."


Sleep Outfitters offers a broad selection of Sealy, Stearns & Foster, and Tempur-Pedic mattresses, plus everything else people need to create the ideal sleep environment, including foundations and adjustable bases, mattress protectors, sheets, and pillows. "There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sleep," Poppe adds. "Every person has unique sleep needs, and we offer custom solutions to meet those needs, while also keeping their budget in mind."


Sleep Outfitters stores make the shopping process educational, informative, and personal. "Mattress shopping has traditionally been something that customers find confusing and difficult. We're here to change all that," Poppe says. "We're committed to helping our guests find solutions to their sleep issues, so they can get the sleep they need and deserve. For us, it's more than a business. It's a mission."


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Emili Rose (emilirose)

For a long time I did not understand the importance of choosing a mattress until I began to experience sleep problems and lower back pain. My regular yoga classes did not correct my discomfort and I shared my problem with the users of several forums. What was my surprise when I found out that many people have the same problems that are easily solved by choosing the right mattress. I found this website where I got acquainted with the benefits of adjustable mattresses and ordered one for myself. Now I sleep comfortably and completely forgot about my back pain.

Adamie Barr (zarars)

Hello! High-quality mattresses allow you to really achieve high-quality sleep. But I noticed that this is still not enough. You also need a pillow. I bought an orthopedic pillow - I still don't sleep well. And yet, I decided to try to also add some external factors that will affect my sleep. I noticed that even with the window open my room was very very quiet. Therefore, I tried to install Magicteam White Noise Machine, which happened to me at It was a very good decision, because together with the mattress and pillow, this noise allowed me to achieve the maximum quality of sleep. And a healthy sleep is a healthy life!