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Toffee, the eBay of digital goods invites equity capital raised through Wefunder

A marketplace that aims at making the selling of virtual digital products easy is seeking investors through its initiative at Wefunder, a leading equity crowdfunding portal.

Toffee is addressing a huge gap in the market, what they call the unaddressed gap in P2P commerce of virtual products.


They are providing a platform where the selling of virtual products online is made easy without having to jump through multiple hoops. “Toffee makes it super simple to list a virtual item for sale, and helps you automatically dispatch your item to the buyer after a purchase is made”, said the company CEO Yousef Abdulhassan, while articulating the benefits and potentials presented by Toffee. He adds that compared to the alternatives, Toffee is not only easy but also faster, cheaper, and far much convenient to use. The CEO is inviting investors to partner with them and be part of the journey to create the next generation of digital commerce.


The company CEO says they have opted to raise funds through Wefunder, which is a leading equity crowdfunding platform,as opposed to using venture capital because crowdfunding assists a start-up to find investors from a wide variety of backgrounds on board early. The early backer,s adds Yousef Abdulhassan, can be pivotal during the early days.


“Nothing beats being able to request their advice if the going gets tough. Early backers can also be your greatest cheerleaders who'll help market your startup", said Yousef Abdulhassan.


Joseph Lizyness, an entrepreneur and an investor in early start-ups, is the lead investor in Toffee. While asked why he has decided to invest in this company, Joseph Lizyness said many reasons influenced his decision. One of them is his belief that Toffee will become big, actually the eBay of digital products. He has great trust in the founding team led by the CEO of Toffee, Yousef Abdulhassa. He also stressed that the e-commerce industry is booming during this period when the world is facing a pandemic, where people are supposed to control their movement, which is especially beneficial to Toffee.


The fact that Toffee accepts Bitcoin through a partnership with Wyre, as Joseph Lizyness puts it, made this investment choice a no brainer for him. “The current round with a 5M valuation cap allows others the opportunity to invest in the absolute ground floor and one I could not pass on. The story of Toffee is just getting started, but I believe tech giants like Shopify, Amazon, or eBay will ultimately acquire Toffee”, said Joseph Lizyness, exuding confidence that his investment will reap fruits. He encourages others to put their money into the company, as it has a great future ahead.


Other reasons that the CEO gives that should make people choose them as the investment of choice includesearly traction - $27K in GMV & 175K listing views in the past 12 months, the leading team has gone through YCombinator Startup School S19 &is a member of Google for Startups Campus, The Toffee brand name & URL/authoritative website real estate, the Founder invested $200K to build the marketplace, before incorporating Toffee in April 2020, and very significantly, the company is pandemic proof as it is a completely virtual experience, right from browsing to the receiving of goods.


To learn more about the crowdfunding event, visit: Wefunder at


About is a peer-to-peer marketplace founded in April 2020 by Yousef Abdulhassan.The platform is a marketplace where one can buy and sell any imaginable digital product.Its marketplace is running with 3000+ registered users and 3500+ listings created. Dubbed the eBay of digital goods and services, Toffeeaims at making it as simple as possible to sell virtual products for money. They strongly believe that anyone should be able to sell their virtual item without needing any technical skills


About Joseph Lizyness


Joseph Lizyness is a U.S. Army veteran, an investor in early tech ventures, entrepreneur, a fan of Nirvana, author, and blogger for Medium. He is the lead investor in through their current offering on Wefunder, a leading equity crowdfunding portal.


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Joseph Lizyness

Lead Investor in Toffee

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