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Nationwide Debt Attorneys selects Timeshare debt niche as its assistance program for January 2021

Starting January 2021, Nationwide Debt Attorneys will offer assistance to those clients suffering from Timeshare debt. The company which specializes in resolving debt issues for consumers and businesses offers different debt portfolio management including unsecured debt, Timeshare debt, international Timeshare, Timeshare with mortgage, Canadian Timeshare owners, medical debt, credit card debt, and foreclosure defense.


According to Mr. C.Y.Hainey, the Managing Attorney at Nationwide Debt Attorneys, every year we look to resolve debt which will bring a meaningful life change to our clients. Each year we look at the financial landscape to see where we can have the largest impact. For the year 2021, the law firm has selected the Timeshare debt niche.


“We are happy to announce those clients which need relief with their timeshare ownership will be our target niche, said Mr.Hainey, while revealing that their initial survey finds many clients over the age of 65 who are needlessly burdened with timeshare debt.


“Often time’s clients are unable to use their timeshare for a variety of reasons. As with any debt burden, it is our job to properly consult with the client, understand their profile, and design a course of action which will provide the relief the client seeks”, added Mr.Hainey.


Nationwide Debt Attorneys, which is a licensed debt relief law firm, will provide honest answers to those clients suffering from timeshare debt. They will accept all timeshare programs into their program. They will work with timeshares that have a mortgage or are paid in full. The debt relief law firm will work with all international timeshare resorts, as well as Canadian-based clients who have a timeshare in the United States.


“We do not pass judgment concerning the client’s timeshare complaints; we simply devise a strategy as we would with any type of debt“, said the Managing Attorney, while adding that the determining factor in getting involved in this debt niche is simply the vast number of clients which are defaulting on their timeshares.


In their initial survey, Nationwide Debt Attorneys observed that the reasons cited by many surveyed consumers regarding timeshare debts include increased maintenance fees, special assessments, or the inability to use the very product they are paying for. “Others cited health or financial issues. It’s our job to determine if there is a resolution which will best serve the client, and we are certain we can do just that”, said the Managing Attorney. When we evaluate any debt, our primary concern is the client’s financial exposure. We build a strategy to best get the client from the position of being burdened with debt to being financial free.


“Bad things happen to good people and that is why we are focusing on timeshare debt burden, so that good people do not suffer from having a debt crisis, especially at a time when the global economy is experiencing the pandemic. We believe that it is all about developing a debt exit strategy, we always say; for each problem there is a solution. We will assist in breaking the bonds of servitude”, said the Managing Attorney, giving hope to people who may be experiencing a debt crisis.


“Don't be a slave to your debt; financial freedom is freedom from debt,” said Mr.Hainey, calling on those with timeshare debt to take advantage of the program to resolve their debt issues.


About Nationwide Debt Attorneys


Nationwide Debt Attorneys specializes in resolving debt issues. The company offers pre-litigation services, settlement, and total resolution outside of bankruptcy and structured settlement. With many years of experience, the law firm helps clients understand how to resolve their debt issues. Their specialty is debt, including Unsecured Debt, Timeshare Debt, International Timeshare, Timeshare with Mortgage, Canadian Timeshare Owners, Medical Debt, Credit Card Debt, and Foreclosure Defense. The company has a great team of professionals of experienced debt relief attorneys dedicated to assisting clients manage their debts.


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