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Crow Mining explains why analysts predict that Bitcoin could be the new Gold Rush

In the past few months, Bitcoin prices have shot upwards with analysts pointing that it could turn out to be the new “gold rush.” Crow Mining is a Bitcoin mining company that provides full-service operation of Bitcoin miners for our customers. To allow the average person to reap great benefits from the new gold rush, Crow Mining is providing the same capabilities that are available to large banks and wealthy individuals.


Surprise endorsement and current trends


Even institutions that have been skeptical about Bitcoin, now seem to embrace it. JP Morgan in its recent analysis of the Bitcoin market predicted that its prices are likely to triple, something they described as phenomenal, as it will challenge gold prices. The analysts from JP Morgan’s Global Markets Strategy group tout Bitcoin as the alternative to gold among young people, more so the millennials. They predicted that in a few months, Bitcoin will double or triple going by the current trend. This positive prediction, as put by Crow Mining, comes as a surprise, especially coming from an organization that had labeled the cryptocurrency as a fraud three years ago. The analysts at JP Morgan attribute the trend to some events that have happened recently including Paypal’s decision to offer Bitcoin to its customers and the demographic trends where the younger generations are selecting bitcoin over gold. This is expected to continue over the long term, with analysts observing that it will have serious price implications on gold and the cryptocurrency.


A white paper by Deloitte Center Financial Services seeking to educate the public about the cryptocurrency, describe it as the new gold rush. The paper notes that the Bitcoin frenzy has reached new heights, crediting the trend to its growing user base, the rapidly growing network of related businesses, and the price volatility. The paper pointed out that the big investments that are being witnessed today are a great reminder of the gold rush of the past.


In a report published in the media recently, Goldman Sachs succinctly declared Bitcoin as the new gold, terming it as a better safe-haven asset. Goldman’s analyst attributed the rapid rise in bitcoin demand to the waning trust of regulated financial systems and the current banking infrastructures, which many see as frustrating. They believe that in the long term, Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, will mature and turn out to be major asset classes. The digital currencies are expected to pose lower returns in the short run but show a high level of stability just as what happened with other assets especially gold. Crow Mining, according to the digital platform representative, is set to assist average investors in gaining from this.


“Crow Mining will assist you to earn a passive income with crypto like a professional; you can earn even while sleeping. Crow Mining, is for serious Bitcoin miners. Here you will be paid ongoing income similar to earning interest, but with no effort to maintain equipment or expertise”, said the company representative, while articulating how the mining platform is set to help average users.


Jason Appleton of Crow Mining gave reasons why investors should opt for Crow Mining. “We distribute profits daily from our Bitcoin wallet on Dashboard. You can then transfer your Bitcoin to any wallet you choose; you're in control. We do not use cloud mining contracts to avoid excessive fees and lack of control; you own your miners (hardware) and we simply manage them for you in our mining farm in Siberia. At Crow Mining, you view your miners and a live dashboard with 24/7 monitoring. We encourage mining as a means for passive income in bitcoin, thereby giving investors an 'upside' to an increase in bitcoin prices while providing a monthly return on investment”, said Appleton, while urging users to start mining today by putting Bitcoin in their wallet and letting the company handle the hard work.


About Crow Mining


Crow Mining is a mining platform for mining enthusiasts who want to build a portfolio of miners, but cannot do so on their own. Since “at home” mining is no longer feasible, the platform allows investors the opportunity to leverage the company’s infrastructure and low power costs, to achieve commercial-grade Bitcoin mining. They have been in operation for over three years and look forward to reaching more investors and providing a valuable solution for the marketplace.


Media Contact info

Jason Appleton
Crowmining, United States
Phone: 12708754439

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