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Petzone is now the largest pet store chain in the Middle East

Petzone, a premium pet care retail chain store with headquarters in Kuwait, has emerged as the largest pet store chain in the Middle East. “We are proud of this achievement, it has not come easily. It is out of hardwork, patience, and our dedication to ensure high customer satisfaction”, said the chain store representative, adding that they are also celebrating their tenth anniversary this year. The pet store serves the Middle East area and currently has 12 pet stores across Kuwait and the UAE, with plans to expand into other countries in the region.


Selling specialist pet foods for a variety of animals including dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals, reptiles, horses, and livestock, the pet store started operations in 2010 in a small shop in the Alrai area in Kuwait. The shop grew very quickly and was relocated to larger premises before it expanded to its current giant store in Kuwait. Seven years later, the new event-hosting concept was launched in 2017. This was its first megastore and during this time many of the company’s current sales techniques were developed. By February 2019, the company reported strong growth, with sales attributed to its network of stores and e-commerce channels.


The business continues to expand its offerings to customers, such as adding complimentary grooming services. In 2017, new services included school events, party services, and aquarium services. In 2015, Petzone established an online store,, where popular and premium pet products and services are offered for the online community. In the same year, they started hosting a non-profit local animal rescuing organization, in which a series of adoption events take place weekly for the public.


Best Brands


Among the brands that are available at PetZone include Living World, Acurel, Savic, Le Salon, Farmina, Hagen, Pavo, Cats Best, Petmate, Brd Kabob, Gim Cat, Tamer, Zoo Med, Pinkpawpal, Whimzees, Synergy labs, andGarvo, among others.


Seamless online experience


PetZone operates an online store catering to pet owners in areas where they do not have physical stores, as well as those looking for a seamless shopping experience where they can get the best brands right from the comfort of their homes. At the online store, customers can shop by pet categories such asdogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish, horses, reptiles, and farm animals.


New arrivals


New items at Petzoneincludean automatic food dispenser, Multipet woody woodpecker dog toy, pavo healthy treat, carrot, Hikaridragon delitte, andsalmon oil among others.


About PetZone


Petzone is a premium pet care retail store chain in the Middle East. Its main area of business is selling specialist pet foods, supplies, and services for dogs, cats, birds, fish, small animals, reptiles, horses, and livestock. The company's headquarters is in Kuwait, and it has 12 pet stores across Kuwait and the UAE. Established in 2010, the organization has continued to grow.


Media contact info

Amer Jarrah

Business development manager


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