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First time tips to start a new scooter


It could be that you have recently purchased a scooter and have received it. Being a first-timer, you may be a first time user and do not know how to start it the right way. You may simply want to stick the key within the hole present, press the given button and get to hear its engine start. However, this is not the right process although might appear to be an ideal one. Imagine trying to start a car which is kept in parked condition for several months in the garage without any activity. You can check out Xiaomi scooter manual to find out the different steps involved to maintain and start the scooter correctly.

Dos & don’ts to follow

  • Whatever be the type and model of scooter, avoid trying electric start. Rather kick start only the first time you try to start it.
  • Never jump-start it.
  • Do not use a charger. On starting, engine is likely to recharge the battery. Use only the recommended charger which should be of the prescribed amps. Most models come with chargers along with the vehicle.
  • If there is an alarm equipped in the scooter, avoid using it or remote start until starting the vehicle.
  • On starting the scooter, ride it for approximately 15 minutes. This will help charge the battery. The right way is to charge the battery by allowing the engine to run.


A new battery is likely to be quite fragile. It is likely to get damaged permanently along with other components like the CDI unit, voltage regulator and the fuse if it runs throughout. Battery along with other components can be protected by kick starting the scooter at first try. Then for couple of times, try electric start. You should go through to get further instructions.

Electric start procedure

  • Place bike on centre-stand.
  • If there is remote provided with the vehicle, click for two consecutive times ‘UNLOCK’ button.
  • Turn key to ‘On’ position.
  • Accelerate and keep open the throttle for a second and then repeat about three times.
  • Unfold kick start and push it gently down half-way using your foot.
  • Allow kick-start to come back.
  • Kick-start 3-4 times vigorously at a time to ensure starter is able to move downwards and then comes back up.
  • Accelerate continuously and keep kicking a few times.
  • While kicking do not accelerate.


Remember overheating electric start motor is likely to damage the scooter and the starter motor along with various electrical parts and fuse is likely to blow.



Following the above process or the manufacturer recommended process sincerely will help you to start the scooter easily and effortlessly. But if it still fails to start, then you can contact the company’s tech support department for further assistance. You are sure to get prompt and quality help from the customer support department for your Xiaomi Scooter M365 Pro. You do not have to worry about anything and can have a great time riding your scooter to office and other places as desired.

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