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Janice’s Women’s Center Extends Lifelines To Women Experiencing Homelessness...

December, 2020 – Physical and verbal abuse, stalking, rape: these are just a few of many reasons why domestic violence is one of the primary causes of homelessness for women and children in the United States. When women want to escape their abusers and leave, a lot of them experience anxiety about how and where to find safe housing and how they can be able to pay for it.


This is why Shante Saulsberry and Sheri Saulsberry are in the beginning stages of creating a center for women. Janice’s Women’s Center will be a full-service women’s shelter with a unique mission of transforming lives. Their focus is to help and house women who are homeless or are in need of safe housing when domestic violence erupts at their home.


“This center is focused on homeless women and women suffering from domestic Violence. We have recognized a strong need for more shelters and professional resources here in Phoenix, AZ,” Shante said.


“We have been working diligently to get “Janice’s Women’s Center” up and running, so we can provide extra beds for women experiencing homelessness or needing a place of safety all while they obtain the skills and resources to take the necessary steps to get back into society,” she added.


The center will be serving women in need and help them in learning new skills necessary to be successful in the future. They will be providing both a 90-day rotational stay in the center’s Transition housing and access to resources in their Day Center. During transition, women will be provided everything they need so they can get back on their feet as soon as possible.


Every transitional housing client will be supported with personalized care that individually fits their needs. Counseling will also be available for all women who stay in a transitional home for any period of time. The goal is to lessen the growing number of homeless women in Phoenix. Also, this is their way of helping women of all need transition back into society with a solid foundation for success. Unlike other traditional centers for women, Shante and Sheri Saulsberry exert all efforts necessary to provide clients with the perfect support services to make sure that employment is secured, long term housing is found, and a successful path forward is open.


For donations, a GoFund Me account has been created and you can visit it by clicking on this link, You can also visit the center’sYouTube account for more information.






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Oct 29, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Ivory Howard (ivoryhoward): edited 11/1/2021 2:26am

Violence is unforgivable cruelty for conscious creatures like humans. Nevertheless, almost every person has at least once in their life faced violence in their direction, and some women live in it (more on this in these essays - ). I would like to help all people affected by violence, but alas, I am powerless.