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NFL‘s Next Team Coming to Toronto By Way of Pat Mazza

(December, 2020. Toronto) - What’s your hometown team? It could be your secondary school team, university team, amateur or professional team. You may think of the uniform, mascot, or a great match. You’ll feel energized and excited, well, unless they’re not winning. Next, think of your team’s closest rival? It’s likely just thinking of that rival curls your lip or your eyes roll. Their colors are instantly repulsive regardless of aesthetics when used on non-sports gear like shirts or socks. Some may find their blood pressure rising or a need to degrade the rival's name. It’s part of our competitive spirit, whether hockey, football, or any sport. To have a hometown team to celebrate wins or grieve losses can build on a community’s togetherness, comradery, and economy. Such is the wont of Toronto’s Pat Mazza.


Historically speaking, Toronto has hosted sports clubs for nearly two-hundred years, starting with the Toronto Cricket Skating and Curling Club. Beyond the current twelve professional leagues, the city also hosts ten amateur leagues, three major university varsity programs, and four public college athletic programs. Of course, this doesn’t touch the number of junior and secondary athletic programs within and greater Toronto area boasting over six million people.


With a passionate and ever-growing fan base for twelve major sports teams in Toronto including Hockey, Canadian Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Women’s Hockey, LaCrosse, Rugby, and Swimming...what more is needed? Many believe it’s time to bring the first National Football League team to Canada. Pat Mazza may just be the one to do just that in Toronto, recently stating, “The NFL is the greatest sports league and Toronto is the greatest city. I promise my city I will make this happen.”


The Rogers Center has hosted an American Bowl and Bills Toronto Series; however, that is the extent of the NFL’s presence in Toronto. Over ninety years ago the American Football League call Toronto home, but that was also short-lived. Mazza states, “Many have tried and failed but failure isn’t an option. I am now working out the specifics.” As an esteemed professional in financial literacy and personal growth, Pat Mazza has made the necessary investor and capital banking partnerships critical for startup." I will bring the first NFL team to Canada,” states Mazza, “I’ve had a passion for NFL football my whole life and it is now one of my top missions in life.”


It may sound like another home-boy blowing off steam, but Mazza is more than meets the eye. Mazza has consulted over thirty public companies and been featured in numerous articles worldwide newspapers, magazines, and websites. He has also worked for Google, Microsoft, and Hitachi, and has addressed thousands of people in seminars and conferences throughout Canada and the United States.


So, an NFL team in Toronto? Yes, it’s likely to occur with Pat Mazza leading the discussion. When the dust starts to settle, before a name is chosen, the only assurance is that the Toronto NFL team will be wearing Toronto blue. Honestly, could it be any other?



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