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“Shaking off the Cold”; an endearing story of Love, Friendship, and Adventure by a new writer...

Readers and reviewers have described “Shaking off the Cold: the Adventures of Bristle and Moorey” as a book to cheer up, a “mood lifter” in the days of winter, and a charmer. Sandy Salai is a first-time writer, a rising talent who has written a children’s adventure, which endears even parents and other adults. Illustrated by Richard Tang and published by Tablo pty ltd in October 2020, the book tells an endearing story of how love, friendship, and a bit of spontaneous adventure can overcome all odds.


The story begins with Bristle waking up anxious to get rid of his winter doldrums without expecting it to get any worse. But thanks to his best friend, Moorey, a series of misadventures turned into a wonderful exploit and saves the day.


Richard Tang, the illustrator, helps bring the story to life with his vibrant illustrations of Bristle’s misadventures and Moorey’s help to make the day a lot better for his friend. With an assortment of characters that all contributed to making the lead character’s day a not-so-happy one, it helps encourage readers to let their imaginations run wild and think about how quickly Bristle’s day has spiraled out of control.


“When Bristle’s day continues to spin out of control, his best friend, Moorey, comes to the rescue. With a few progressive words thrown into the mix, parents will enjoy the read as much as the young reader,”, Salai said.


“The book is all about a cute adventure of how love and friendship can overcome all odds,” she added.


Sandy Salai is being distributed through Tablo and the book itself can be purchased through some 30,000 outlets. The book can also be purchased on Amazon, Barnes, and Noble, Apple iBook, Kobo, and Booktopia.


The book is available both in hardcover and paperback. An eBook version has also been released.


For more information about the book visit:


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About the author


Born and raised in Phillips, Pennsylvania in a small coal mining community surrounded by farms and the Appalachian Mountains, Sandy Salai had plenty of room to explore. The last of four children, Sandy got a sense of independence early on. She loved to be outdoors with her friends. She would play from morning until night and experience the norms and imperfections of life that make people who they are today. Sandy is grateful for her parents’ love and trust, which inspired her to write. She hopes her stories will uplift and delight parents, as well as young readers. Her husband Jeff, their three children, their grandchildren, and their lovely bulldog brighten everything.

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