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A great animal book for toddlers and dog people

Dogs and adventure lovers now can enjoy a good read that promises fun, thrill, exploration, and a great exhibition of love for dogs. Written by Terry E. Gunn, the book, entitled “Adventures of Klaus, The Happy Schnauzer: Animal Books for Toddlers and Dog People - Grab your leash and let's explore!”, is available on Amazon.


The fifty-page text is a short children's book that tells the story of Klaus and the adventures he encounters while going about his day.


“Ever wonder about the daily adventures of a fun-loving dog? Meet Klaus, a sweet and playful Schnauzer, who spends his days trying to catch the silly neighborhood squirrel and doing tricks for his favorite treats’, says the author, while describing the content of the book.


“He grabs his leash and is off to explore around the neighborhood with his owner, Terry. Out on their walk, the two set off to the park for a game of fetch, playtime with other dog friends, and then a game of hide-and-seek. At the end of a busy day, Klaus is ready for sleep. And like most busy dogs, he falls fast asleep so he’s ready for more adventures the next day’, adds the author.


Dedicating the book to young readers as well as all dog lovers, the author had this to say “From my heart, written with a magical pen, your adventure awaits.”


The book was published by Terry E Gunn, and the first edition was released on December 15, 2020.


“Be like Klaus - play at the park, chase balls, and be a best friend. From my heart, written with my magical pen, your adventure awaits - go explore! It begins when you turn the page,” says the book’s author.


In her review, Emily –Jane Hills, Orford for Readers’ Favorite, says that “Adventures of Klaus” is a great learn-to-read book for young readers and a great way for young people to share their love of dogs as well as learn about how much work and fun go into having a best-pawed friend.


The picture book story has also been hailed for its captivating and fun-filled storyline. Dog lovers will like the happy story that follows Klaus right from the time he wakes up until he goes to sleep at night. Written in well-crafted rhyming verses, the book directs the young reader through an energy-filled and exciting day of a dog and all the things that he enjoys doing.  The language used has been described as simple, easy to read, suitable for young readers and anybody who is looking for a fun-filled read. It also comes with colorful and vibrant illustrations, which help in carrying the story along and delivering it in an easy manner.


About the author


Terry E. Gunn is a graduate of CSULB and has 20+ years in public and private accounting with her company, Top Gunn Accounting. In 2018, Terry discovered her passion for writing children's books. The story of Klaus started in 2000 when Terry welcomed this playful Schnauzer into her life. A loving bond flourished during their many years together, and Terry has written this book to keep his memory alive in the minds of children and Schnauzer fans alike. Terry lives in California with her partner John and their dog, Rocket Riley. Terry says she was inspired to write the book about her beloved pet Klaus to share a story about friendship, and encourage children to use their imagination. Klaus loved to chase balls, play in the park and go to Dog Beach, but most of all, he loved being our best friend.


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Terry E. Gunn

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