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Barrier Planter that minimizes airflow between restaurant tables

At a period when businesses are highly affected by a pandemic, creativity and innovations are proving to be an effective way of survival. Joining other innovators, Steel Koncepts has developed a barrier planter that will help minimize airflow between tables in a restaurant. This development will help restaurants control infections and reduce incidences of indoor transmission of COVID-19. With endless applications, Steel Koncepts’ Deko Planters can transform any and all spaces”, said the company representative, while adding the new planter features a 3/8 of an inch thick polycarbonate sheet sandwiched between two laser cut steel panels to minimize the airflow between tables in a restaurant.


What makes the planter stand out is the high strength sheet of Lexan attached between two decorative panels to minimize the spread of germs between tables.


“Our new oversized barrier planter is a practical and unique design that comes with a steel art panel’, said the company spokesperson. Also, the unique planter by Steel Koncepts will still combine the traditional use of a planter with a unique and artsy design. The product will be ready for release early in the first quarter of 2021, but they are currently accepting pre-orders. Steel Koncepts sells to the trade only.


Steel Koncepts’ care for the environment does not end with the production of environmentally- friendly products; the company supports Conservation International through a monthly donation based on sales volume. Conservation International’s mission is to showcase and secure the critical benefits of nature to humanity. As a company that cares about the environment, Steel Koncepts is proud to be a supporter of the organization.


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About Steel Koncepts


Steel Koncepts has a passion for taking raw steel and turning it into beautiful pieces capable of transforming any space. The company aims at creating one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge, aesthetically-pleasing pieces for its clients. Specializing in creating unique outdoor architectural elements specific for each project, Steel Koncepts offers laser-cut steel planters and decorative panels constructed with environmentally-friendly, American steel. The company values the importance of supporting the local American industry. It strives to utilize the latest American technology and proudly designs and manufactures all Steel Koncepts products in the U.S.


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