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Motivational Moment for Women CEOs in 2021

Start-up entrepreneurs now have an opportunity to gain the skills and mentorship that is required to build and grow successful businesses. Cecelia Nowlin University will launch on 23 January 2021 as well as introduce a new service for motivating novice entrepreneurs.


While making the announcement, Cecelia Nowlin, the CEO and founder of Empower Business Group explained that her goal is to educate new entrepreneurs about critical business topics at their own pace. She added that the platform will also have VIP online classes offering one on one coaching with her once a week.


“Today I want to talk to all the female CEOs. The new world of COVID-19 really has created many challenges for entrepreneurs, but I believe that you have all become much STRONGER than you have ever been. It’s made you the most POWERFUL leaders because you are still here,” declared Cecelia Nowlin while recognizing that the current pandemic has created a new normal with a need to be more creative to survive.


Cecelia is advocating for an adjustment on the way companies are run. She recommends adapting the goals and in preparation for the New Year, talk about the previous year’s achievements, both in business and in life.


This phenomenal woman teaches new entrepreneurs to celebrate their success, be grateful for what they have achieved, and not only set their goals but also hit them.Quoting Booker T Washington, Cecelia Nowlin says success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles trying to succeed. She urges women to never give up, adding that there is no force more powerful than a woman determined to RISE.


About Cecelia Nowlin


Cecelia Nowlin is the owner and founder of Empower Business Group and has been a successful entrepreneur and a “self-taught” business coach for 18 years. Her journey started when she realized that employment was not for her. She decided to start from scratch and did not allow challenges to stand in her way of building a successful business. She refused to let her inexperience, insufficient capital, lack of mentorship, and other obstacles be a hindrance. Through hard work and learning on the job, Cecelia has built multiple successful businesses from the ground up.


Her passion is to work with new business owners to guide them using her personal start up expertise, her business development system, training, education, marketing, and branding skills to create a crystal-clear vision for the ultimate business success.


Media contact info


Cecelia Nowlin

CEO Empower Business Group

Contact: 949 652 2029


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