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SwipenSnap “As Seen On Shark Tank” A Single Mom’s 10-Year Dream Come True

[February, 2021] -- Inventor Alina Kravchenko appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank on January 22, 2021, to pitch her invention, Swipensnap, the world’s first and the only U.S. Utility patented one-hand cream applicator, aimed at helping parents keep their baby safe and their hands clean while changing diapers. It’s a product that’s a conversation starter and has the potential to be the hottest baby shower gift this year.


Appearing on Shark Tank was a dream come true for Kravchenko. She immigrated with her mother and sister from Ukraine at the age of 12 to escape Communism and pursue a better life and opportunities in America. She always knew she would be an inventor, and as a child, she kept a journal filled with ideas for various products that could make people’s lives easier.


The investors on Shark Tank were very impressed that she had obtained a patent herself. “I had no money or knowledge of how to get a patent, so I picked up a book ‘How to Patent It Yourself’, put my baby down to sleep and set to work”, notes Kravchenko.


“I invented it over ten years ago, and it took six years to receive the patent. When I finally did, I quit my corporate job, moved back home, and began the journey of bringing SwipenSnap to life!” Alina said passionately to the Sharks.


Features of SwipenSnap


This amazing device fits on virtually all diaper cream brands on the market. SwipenSnap has a super soft, BPA-free applicator that is gentle on your baby’s skin. It has a flexible tip that fits in-between tight crevices and hygienically spreads the cream evenly without any waste. A suction lid secures to any hard surface for quick and easy one-hand cream application.




By using SwipenSnap you can keep your hands clean and free from the messy water-resistant diaper cream. It is also safe, as it prevents falls by allowing you to apply the cream with just one hand, while safely holding your baby with the other. SwipenSnap is lab-tested and proven to be more hygienic than using your fingers.


SwipenSnap is more than a diaper cream applicator. It literally saves more than ten minutes a day, is an anxiety reliever (from the stress of your baby potentially rolling off the changing table), and a mess preventer. “For those of you who have dealt with the messy diaper cream getting stuck under your nails and getting all over your clothes you know what I am talking about”, explained Alina.




Reviews from customers indicate that they love the product. “It’s such a clever product and a must-have tool that makes the application of diaper cream literally a snap. I love how soft it is,” read one customer review that was posted on January 13, 2021. Another customer states, “This product is seamless. There is no mess. It releases the perfect amount of diaper cream. It’s hypoallergenic. This product is a freaking home run”, posted on January 30, 2021.


This one-hand diaper cream applicator is patented in the U.S., is an award-winning product, and has been the winner of Mom’s Choice Award: New Innovation and Honoring Excellence. This mom-invented diaper cream applicator is currently selling on Amazon for $24 and on for $19, with free shipping.


About the inventor


Alina Kravchenko is a serial inventor of many innovative products that enhance the lives of women. Alina says “Raising my son completely on my own has given me the insight into the reality of how much women have on our plates in this generation. We are expected to have a career, raise our children, all while staying fit and looking beautiful. This is why we need innovative tools that help us do just that. And I am on a mission to empower women, one invention at a time.”


Learn more about Alina and her mission to empower women at


Alina Kravchenko is available for interviews to discuss her work as an inventor and her experience on ABC’s Shark Tank. Contact Alina Kravchenko at alina@swipensnap.comfor more information.



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