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Empathy, Joy & Autism Podcast, a channel to help get a more empathic understanding of autism

Parents and people interested in getting a more empathic understanding of autism can get some insights from the Empathy, Joy & Autism Podcast. The Empathy, Joy & Autism Podcast shares autism stories, reinvigorates joy, inspires wellness, and synergizes listeners, resulting in the creation of a more empathic understanding of autism. Launched by Amanda Irtz, a mom, writer, and coach who embraces an empathetic approach to understanding autism, the podcast is about taking a brave step into a new perspective, listening with your heart, and embracing all individuals for their unique gifts in the world.


Hosted by Amanda Irtz, the podcast is a place that helps its listeners to understand autism from a different perspective. Amanda hosts parents and caregivers, among others, to hear their genuine stories and experiences. The podcast aims at creating more empathy and compassion about autism.


Amanda says she started the Empathy, Joy & Autism Podcast to shine a bright light on the stories that so many parents, care partners, and individuals want the world to hear.

The podcast can be accessed on, a platform founded by Amanda, with a mission connecting compassion for and knowledge of autism to service-based entities, while also elevating joy for the individuals who care for someone on the autism spectrum.




Several people have found the Empathy, Joy & Autism Podcast and Amanda’s efforts to be a useful and great inspiration.


"Amanda is a shining light and helping others to do so", said Melissa Mills, Host of Rise with Love Podcast while reviewing the podcast.


Similar sentiments were echoed in another review. "You have given us an enormous gift”, said Nicole Trick Steinbach, the international brave coach for Women in Tech

Dr. Ali Griffith, autism parenting strategist and Ignite Coach, recognizes the contribution Amanda is making and the inspiration she offers to not only parents but also children with special needs. "Amanda Irtz gives us a myriad of experiences that offers hope, advice, and strategies to parents raising a child with autism, and a neurotypical developing sibling“, said Dr. Ali Griffith.


Podcasts can be accessed via the website, wherein listeners also have an option of downloading a file. They can also be accessed through subscribing to Apple Podcasts, Stitchers, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.


“I’m here to get rid of your old, worn-out beliefs of autism spectrum disorder so that you can be the very best version of yourself”, said Amanda, while adding that there is joy in the unexpected. “Moments ofempathy brings us together and we are on this journey together”, she added, urging people to follow her on Twitter, as well as contact her for more information.


About AmandaIrtz


Amanda Irtzis the founder and creative thinker of Autism Aptitude, an organization dedicated to providing more empathy and understanding of autism. Amanda has been on a path to creating a more empathic approach to understanding autism since 2016 when she first learned about her son’s diagnosis. After years of crying and being afraid of what others thought, the cries and the fear faded when she discovered the love for her child outweighed those negative reactions from others.


This is what shifted Amanda away from sheltering her son from the world and protecting his every step and beautiful idiosyncrasy, to living and thriving regardless of the no-trespass signs put up in her life. Amanda knows the struggles of autistic parents; however, she has learned to find the joy-filled moments with her son, which ultimately transformed her entire parenting journey.


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Amanda Irtz


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