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Business Survives Superstorm Sandy and COVID Pandemic

If there is any entity that has learned from the old mantra, “tough people last, but tough times don’t,” it is Custom Vinyl Graphics. The business went through a hard time during Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and eight years later, the effects of the COVID pandemic were at it again, threatening to wipe out an investment that has been seeing customers enjoy high-quality custom decals.


Surviving Sandy


After darkness fell on October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy landed, and Custom Vinyl Graphics faced the total destruction of their flourishing business. Precautionary measures put in place did not help, and nothing had prepared them for what they would witness. Within hours, their $34,000 worth of equipment and inventory had been wiped out with nothing left of Custom Vinyl Graphics but a flooded shop and shattered dreams.


They were effectively out of business for two months. Yet, through determination, teamwork, and resilience; the team picked up the pieces, bought new machines, and within two months, they were back in business. Custom Vinyl Graphics had completely refurbished and restocked the shop with the latest equipment and inventory that was required to allow them to return to normalcy.


The COVID Pandemic


Although many small businesses are able to thrive, most are just surviving through this pandemic. Dale and Leanne, the couple who founded and run Custom Vinyl Graphics, say they are spending less time processing orders. Instead, most of their time, just like with other business people, is being spent applying for grants.


When the year started, they had hopes of continuing sales growth… but lockdowns, working from home, and numerous restrictions that were put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 did not spare their operations. Things would pick up at certain times but would then just go under again after a short while. Having experienced similar ups and downs before, they requite familiar with the challenges. These two entrepreneurs have learned great lessons, which they are using to build again, bigger and better than ever.


“But in the end, we prevailed. We built back up, purchased new equipment, outsourced our sales until we were back in business,” said the couple while describing their experience with Superstorm Sandy. “And that’s our plan post-COVID. To build back our sales, find new customers and build new relationships, “explained Dale, adding that lawn signs are going up along the highways to do just that.


Leanne gives hope to those who are facing similar problems: “If your business has been affected by COVID, we understand. All the grants in the world can’t relieve the mental anguish this pandemic has caused... the emotional uncertainty… and the unbelievable sadness of lives lost, "asking affected businesses and individuals to take comfort as they have been in the situation before and have made it—they will try to do the same.


Custom Vinyl Graphics, which has recently moved from Long Island, NY to Charlotte, NC, appeals to those looking for a cost effective way to advertise their business, to look no further than window decals for trucks, storefront lettering, vinyl banners or vehicle magnets.


About Custom Vinyl Graphics


Custom Vinyl Graphics is a family-owned business, started by a couple, Leanne and Dale, in 2002 as a hobby. The business grew to fulfill their newfound passion for the vinyl graphics business. The couple pride themselves on offering an easy and concise way to find your special branding—or to create one, with a secure server to place credit card orders.


Today, more than just a hobby, Custom Vinyl Graphics offers rear-window graphics, vinyl pin striping, vinyl graphics, banners, vehicle magnets, wall decals and the ever-popular custom rear-window decals.


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