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The Home Run Marathon: One Man's Race for a Living Kidney Donor

(February, 2021. Pennsylvania) - There is a great way to participate in a marathon, the Home Run Marathon. Which does not require you to walk, jog, or run...or even get out of bed! Norman Lazarus is participating in the upcoming Home Run Marathon, to find a living kidney donor.


All you have to do is enter the Home Run Marathon and you have earned bragging rights on social media using #HomeRunMarathon. Kyle Scheele, creator of the Home Run Marathon, states it is “A way to get all that superiority of running without any of that pesky effort.” Mr. Scheele continued, “You upload those pictures to social media, and bada boom bada bing, you’re a runner.”


Norman’s life marathon has been full of dialysis appointments for the last three and a half years. He was excited to find a way to raise awareness about kidney disease, and more importantly, kidney donation. Even while his health declines, his spirits are up when chatting about the Home Run Marathon, Norman stated that as a fake marathon runner, he "Finally has a challenge that I can participate in, even with my disability." The priority will remain focused on his search for a living kidney donor.


When Norman’s kidney went into failure, dialysis started and so did the search for a new kidney. The current wait for a deceased kidney donor in Pennsylvania is seven years. This means Norman is at the halfway point to a kidney transplant. Yet, a living kidney donation could get him on the way to recovery much sooner.


Unfortunately, living kidney donors are difficult to find. Many potential donors are not aware of how easy it is. There is some “fake news” about becoming a living donor. For starters, donors do not have to be blood relatives, nor do they have to have a matching blood type. To be an eligible donor the criteria is around health-related criteria. First, you must be at least 18 years old. Then you need to have a healthy weight, be in good physical and mental condition. Lastly, donors cannot have diabetes, active cancer, or any active infection. If you’re ready to be a living kidney donor, you may initiate an evaluation or find out more information by calling the Lankenau Transplant office confidentially at (484) 476-3383.


For more information about Norman and his search for a living kidney donor please visit his facebook page FindaKidney4Norman. To sign up for the Home Run Marathon visit



Norman Lazarus
Fake Marathon Runner
Living Donor Coordinator
Lakenau Hospital

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