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Naturally Happy Hair Releases New “Supreme Hydration Collection”

(February, 2021) - Naturally Happy Hair is announcing its new natural hair care line, the Supreme Hydration Collection. Comprised of six salon-quality products, the new Supreme Hydration Collection includes Supreme Hydration Shampoo, Supreme Hydration Conditioner, Fairy Knot-Away Detangler, Supreme Texture Styling Creme, Supreme Hydration Leave-In/Co-Styler and Supreme Hydration Moisture Rich Gel. Initially launched in June 2020, during the pandemic's height, the Supreme Hydration Collection has been received with great excitement among the natural hair community. The details of these products speak for themselves!


A perfect natural hair care product for revitalizing dry and damaged hair, Supreme Hydration Shampoo is a paraben and sulfate-free shampoo that uses the gentle cleansing power of Lemongrass to moisturize and preserve your scalp's natural oils. It is also infused with Dog Rose Oil to add a protective barrier against dehydration.


The Supreme Hydration Conditioner is an ultra-thick, gentle formula. Infused with a unique blend of ProVitamin B5, Fenugreek, and Rice Protein it helps moisture to bind to the hair, promote hair growth, and provide a perfect foundation for strong, healthy, natural hair.


With ProVitamin B5 and active Botanical Extracts, the Fairy Knot-Away Detangler works to saturate, soften, and loosen fairy knots. This detangler leaves hair looking and feeling detangled, manageable, and soft.


Supreme Hydration Leave-In/Co-Styler is a moisture-rich formula infused with Castor Oil and Vitamin E. This leave-in seals in moisture and smooths away frizz to give hair defined curls a brilliant shine and soft hold. Supreme hydration leave-in/co-styler is also ProVitamin B5 packed to repair any damage, sealing in moisture, and reducing split ends.


Proud to be a Black-owned business lead by a female President and CEO, Crystal Knight says, "Our mission has always been to fill the gaps in the natural hair community, be it providing education or more effective product solutions." The Supreme Hydration Collection is filling the product gap very effectively. "In striving to achieve our mission," Crystal stated, "we recognized a need for cleaner products, with quality ingredients that provide consistent and predictable results for our customers."


Naturally Happy Hair has long been revered as a pioneer in the naturally curly hair space. From their start in 2011 as an online resource for providing inspiring hair care information, to their first live natural hair expo in the heart of Houston, Texas. Growing and expanding over a decade, Naturally Happy Hair is a renowned natural, eco-chic, effective hair care products and tools while being a place for sharing and connecting online. As Naturally Happy Hair expands their product line, they continue to encourage an appreciation for naturally textured hair by providing safe and effective products and hair tools to meet the unique needs of all curly hair types worldwide.


For more information about the Supreme Hydration Collection and all that is Naturally Happy Hair, visit or follow Naturally Happy Hair through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.


Media Contact:
Cameron Wiltz
Communications Specialist
(832) 816-4573

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Dec 29, 2023  ( 1 post )  
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