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New hands-free luxury drawstring bag making moving out and about fun and convenient

Moving out and about now just got easier and more fun. A new hands-free luxury drawstring bag is not only promising to help accessorize style with the luxury bag, but also provide hands free convenience while moving out and about. Described as a great accessory to wear with many types of outfits, the new luxury drawstring bag by Niclordesigns is available at Etsy. According to the owner and designer, Nicole Friend, it is ideal for carrying to the airport, overnight, towork or when out.


“They are created for the businesswomen going to a meeting, convenient for airport travel, overnight bag, date night, and shopping, among activities. It’s one less thing to worry about carrying”, said Nicole, while adding that the over-the-shoulder bag is handmade, and can be a perfect luxury gift for a special person.


“Niclordesigns drawstring bags are far from the average bags. These are luxury backpacks. What makes them luxurious is not the brand, but the design, materials, and craftsmanship put into them”, said Nicole.


While describing the designing process, Nicole says that much of her time goes into design development. “I carefully explore the material to see if it possesses aesthetic value and check if it's durable to be used as a bag. Then, I make sure to take my time when sewing to ensure a high-quality, durable, and perfect end-product”, said Nicole.


The bag has received a great reception by those who have purchased it at Etsy shop, saying they love the luxury backpack as it is stylish, goes with many outfits, and offers great convenience when moving out and about.


“I love the look and the chain is stylish. The fur bag is beautiful; I will be wearing it to a major event”, commented one of the customers who had bought the product.


The luxury backpack is available at


About Niclordesigns


Niclordesigns was started one year ago by Nicole, a designer who creates stylish and premier drawstring bags. Nicole’s love for fashion design and inspirations from LV and Gucci drew her to drawstrings bags. She started with just a sewing machine in her living room, some creativity, and a whole lot of passion; now she is happy to see Niclor designs providing quality and premium handmade bags. Her bags are also not just for show, but also serve a practical purpose. The luxury backpacks can be used as an over-the-shoulder bag, an overnight bag, or just a tote bag. Niclor designs aims to bring uniqueness in style creatively and to bring customer satisfaction.


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Nicole Friend



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