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Augusta Hitech is launching Blockchain Vaccine Passport

Technology has been praised for the role it plays in providing solutions. As the world is experiencing one of the most difficult periods due to a public health crisis, inventors and innovators are working hard to find solutions that will help individuals and businesses navigate through the murky waters. Augusta Hitech, in its contribution to providing real solutions to the crisis, is launching Blockchain Vaccine Passport. While making the announcement, Sean Caputo, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of Augusta HiTech, said that currently, their innovation team is working on the Blockchain Passport that will allow people to upload their vaccinations, immunizations, and test results into their blockchain framework and access through PWA and mobile apps.


As the world celebrated the news of the Covid-19 vaccines, there was a big sigh of relief as people realized that their lives would slowly begin to return to normal. With the rolling out of the vaccines campaigns, it is now becoming clear that passports for vaccines might become a crucial part in avoiding restrictions that have been put into place in different countries and regions. Businesses, airlines, government institutions among others, need a way to validate and ensure that the risk of spreading the virus is reduced.


“Our technology will provide people with safe and private technology to store information for vaccinations, immunizations, and test results. The data will always be private, encrypted and never sold or viewed by third parties”, said Mr. Caputo, while acknowledging that even for him as a parent, keeping track of not only his but also for his daughters’ immunization shots, has not been easy. He reveals that the new technology, powered by blockchain, will make it easy, but most of all safe. He adds that the new Blockchain Vaccination Passport will help people to validate to businesses, employers and airlines they are safe.


About Augusta Hitech


Augusta Hitech is a product engineering company that delivers enterprise-level strategy, innovation, and software product engineering services. Founded in 2009 and located in Boca Raton, Florida, the company has a global presence supporting clients in industries such as healthcare, travel and hospitality, retail and financial services.


Media Contact Info:


Sean Caputo

Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Augusta Hitech

(866) 962-1010

2650 North Military Trail, Suite 440

Boca Raton, FL 33431

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