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Sidewalk Cafe by Artist Kim Bennett Recently Charting on iTunes


Recently Sidewalk Café by Kim Bennett reached a shattering height. Sidewalk Cafe charted on iTunes at #5 in Jazz in the United Kingdom. Speaking about the inspiration behind his latest musical project, Kim states, “The concept is an instrumental ‘songs' -- rhythm which you are able to feel, along with a melody that does not go away. In addition, I attempt to maintain the song under 2 and a half minutes. The listener should wish to listen to it again."


Kim, also played local midwestern rock bands for ten years in the 70's and 80's. He then spent some time in New York and Los Angeles, releasing two instrumental records. "Moving Parts" and "Time Like This". "I place a great deal of work into these 2 albums and I enjoyed them, but my newest four tracks, released are my favorite", adds Kim.

Kim is an independent performer, but if the perfect opportunity comes his way, he's available to serious offers.


Since youth, Kim was multi-talented, and that is the main reason he's a specialist in more than one skill. He's delivered a number of those top-ranked music singles which you cannot refuse listening to. A number of them are so fascinating you will incorporate them into your playlist too.


Coming up Kim was tremendously influenced by Rock, Blues, and Jazz music All these are the influences that inclined him to the music industry. He's produced some wonderful tracks that are fantastic for pleasure and having a fantastic time. His newest tracks include ‘Sidewalk Café, ‘Crunch Time, ‘Apologies to Chet,'' and 'C'est La Vie,' that can be found on all major platforms. Sidewalk Café is among my favorites of all of them. This tune has received enormous feedback from his supporters along with continuing his challenging job; Kim is currently working on original instrumentals in his Phoenix AZ studio.


Kim originally hails from the Midwest, with musical stints at New York and Los Angeles. In the majority of his music, it is possible to view his rock influences. He had been tremendously influenced by the British invasion (notably the Beatles). Throughout his rising days, he listens to rock along with rhythm & blues.


Make sure you take some time to check out Sidewalk Café and see why it’s so popular. The track wouldn’t be on the charts if it wasn’t amazing. You can also stream Sidewalk Cafe on Spotify, Amazon music, Tidal, and Apple music.

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