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Event Management and Brand Influencer Who Has Raised the Bar in the Industry

COUNTDOWN 2 LUXE, an event planning and management company, is raising the bar through creating breathtaking and timeless events for its clients. The Event Management and Brand Influencer, according to its Creative Director, Shana S. Shears, feels that life’s events should be memorable, organized and tasteful. “We do everything to deliver this to our clients, whether it is quality time that you want to spend with your loved ones, or are planning to walk down the aisle, first dance or any other memorable moment that you want to create,” said Shana. She added that their goal is to work in partnership with the customer to make timeless events.


COUNTDOWN 2 LUXEuses their ten years of experience in events planning and management to give memorable moments as well as deliver services that customers will appreciate.


Their services include weddings receptions and renewals where they offer full and partial service planning and coordination of activities leading to the wedding (including proposals). They also help in the planning and management of parties, social events and celebrations, organizing corporate and non-profit functions, such as client and employees’ appreciation, fundraising banquets, workshops, and other events.


Shana says their clients’ special occasion needs timeless Touch, and they will do everything in their power to ensure they experience this feeling during the planning period and on the special day. “We are always thinking outside the box, offering customized services that specifically fit the needs of our individual clients. We aim at minimizing client’s worry, increasing their comfort and allowing them to fully relax during planning, on the actual day of the event and even after. It is your occasion. Enjoy it to the maximum. We are here to ensure that that is exactly what happens,” said Shana, allaying fears from clients who worry too much when they think about their special events.


How They Do It


Shana says everything starts with an online booking. Once placed, her team picks it up and carries out a thorough online assessment of the event. Then they schedule a consultation. The real partnership comes into play here as the two parties work together to ensure everything is in order. "We truly offer the best when it comes to planning, organizing, and building connections that leave lasting memories," said Shana, adding that they do not leave anything to chance. Her team pays special attention to even the tiniest details to ensure nothing is left out. This, according to the team leader, has given clients confidence, and makes them come back for more event planning and management services as well as referring customers in need of these services to the company.


Customer Feedback


The meticulous and professional event planning and management has won Shana and her team praise from their clients. This is what one of the clients said about her experience “Your special occasion, our Timeless Touch, and this is why I love you!! You always make me feel so much better. We def couldn't get through this day without you! Thank you!!" - Ashley J.


Shana invites those with future events to get in touch with them, promising to offer the best experience.


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About Countdown 2 Luxe


COUNTDOWN 2 LUXE is an event management and brand influencer services provider. The agency has a passion for taking clients’ vision and molding it into the sophisticated, elegant and completely personalized event of their choice! The company specializes in interpreting clients’ style and transforming their needs exactly as they wish. Started more than ten years ago by Shana Shears, the event management company has gained tremendous experience in customer service and event planning and management, learning more and more everyday. They are known for their above-and-beyond approach and distinctive style to planning any special event placed before them. The team works in partnership with the clients to create timeless events – those that embrace modern trends yet are invigorated by an appreciation of classic culture. Whether planning a corporate celebration or tying the knot, Countdown 2 Luxe is ready to raise the bar and create a breathtaking, timeless event for any special occasion.


Media contact info

Shana S. Shears

Creative Director


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