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Life on Purpose Course: A Tool That Empowers Leaders To Take Charge Of Their Lives

Empowered2Coach, a team of certified coaches with more than three decades of experience in empowering leaders to take control, has launched a cause that aims at helping executives to discover the 12 Life Factors.


The Life on Purpose Course helps the learner discover the forces that keep them and their businesses from reaching their desired performance. While announcing the availability of this course, the global outreach and brand ambassador for Empowered2Coach, Anthony Gordon, said that failure to address these forces effectively has a far-reaching effect on an individual because it has the capability of stopping the flow of love, joy, peace, success, and wealth.


Unraveling these forces has also been observed as paramount in assisting business leaders to uncover their purpose and pinpoint how to change from the inside out—enabling them to make their dreams a reality.


Taking the Life On Purpose course, according to the Empowered2Coach spokesperson, will help executive leaders clarify their purpose, vision, and goals in life, which facilitate living in harmony with themselves and other members of society, maintaining a positive attitude, showing gratitude, and sharpening their perception.


Referring to the words of Margaret Thatcher: “When you look back at the days you’ve been really happy, they’re not the days when you sat in front of the TV; they’re the days when you had everything to do and you did it,” the Empowered2Coach representative encouraged an active life where one plans what need to be done and actually goes ahead and does it.


She added that it starts with an understanding of one’s purpose in life and ultimately living the life they desire and deserve. Noting that individuals, executives, and organizations face many challenges, she said that they are providing the solutions. “We provide unique solutions to our client, giving them a unique approach that not only guides them through their challenges but also teaches them how to overcome difficulties,” added the business coaching team spokesperson.


Quoting Earl Nightingale, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal,” the Empowered2Coach global outreach & brand ambassador noted that one has to learn how to break through unconscious, habitual, destructive behaviors and overcome the challenges to achieve the life of their dreams. The Life on Purpose Course is designed to be the means towards building a life that is successful.


Offering coaching services in niches such as personal development, Christian development business, work-life balance, leadership as well as mental, health, and wellness development; Empowered2Coach aims at equipping clients with the skills and knowledge that will assist in successfully solving life challenges.


For more information about the coaching opportunities available at Empowered2Coach visit:


About Empowered2Coach


Empowered2Coach was founded in 2018 by Dr. Nicola Brown Ret. RN, M. ED, ND Ph.C., RTTP, JMT Certified Coach, Trainer, Speaker, and Award-Winning Best Selling-Author. This company equips leaders to take control and be empowered.


With over 30 years of service to thousands of clients, they have helped others to connect and transform their minds, bodies, and spirits to achieve their full potential for success.


Led by Coach Brown,Empowered2Coach corporate coaching clientele include physicians, attorneys, politicians, business owners (large and small), celebrities, athletes, educators, and many more. They have built and established the foundation of their business with hospitals, various institutions, and different facilities; where Dr. Brown worked in key management, and administrative roles.


Her vast experience and life-transforming success has been instrumental in imparting skills that have helped numerous business leaders and executives as well as individuals achieve their desired goals.


Media contact info:

Anthony Gordon

Global Outreach & Brand Ambassador


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