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Lexington Virginia Better Be READY For A Training Facility That Will Give You Foundation

September 2021 marks a new beginning for the combat sports and martial arts enthusiasts. The World Class Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor is coming to Lexington VA. While making the announcement, Phil Dunlap, Chief Instructor and Owner of the White Rhino MMA & BJJ said they are opening a training facility in Lexington, Virginia to provide real training in a safe, friendly, low stress, ego free environment. “We are dedicated to helping every student meet their meet their training goals,” said Phil Dunlap while adding they are bringing professional combat sport instruction to Lexington.


Phil Dunlap, who, at 58 is a former Lethwei (Burmese Boxing), Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu champion. The White Rhino MMA & BJJ founder says he started training at tender age and the lessons he learned through training and fighting gave him the foundation to build a successful financial business, an active fight team and a great family life.


“The hard work and discipline it takes to become good at combat sports / martial arts translate to everything in life,” said Phil adding that it not only has helped him build his life but also overcome obstacles like a broken neck from a devastating car accident and a bad health issue.


Opening a school in Lexington is geared to helping the residents access professional combat sport instruction from somebody who understands its importance and one who can inspire others to take a positive change in their lives. Phil still competes and has won multiple world championships in BJJ since turning 53, and of note, most of the times his competition being more 30 years younger than he is.


The training facility is founded on the principle that not all would like to train or cross train for the purposes of becoming fighter. It caters for the people who would like to use martial arts and combat sports as a path to making their lives better. People who have been trained by Phil in the past give high praises for his approach and dedication to see his clients succeed. Others mention the great staff at BJJ and the inspiration they got at the training facility.


"I have checked out many martial arts, BJJ, and grappling schools in Las Vegas and all around the country and most of them have been great from coaches to overall experience but I must say at Asylum fight gym with Phil I truly feel at home what he has put together there is unparalleled!!” read one of the reviews which also mentioned the benefits that the client got out of the training at the facility. “The staff at Asylum does their best to work with each student and makes sure to show them individual attention on top of the group training whether it be getting us ready for a specific fight or helping us shed that extra 5lbs a few days before the competition,” added the reviewer.


Another reviewer says he highly recommends White Rhino MMA & BJJ for got great inspiration from Phil and a chance to be back on his feet after having two hip replacements and ten years off. “I have been here three months and flexibility is coming back and I am losing weight and I am learning to fight on the ground. It doesn’t get much better than this, "said Douglas Gonce student.


With opening a new school at Lexington, Phil aspires to bring the same experience, helping the residents get in shape and using the skills learned during their training to impact their lives positively. “We help make dreams come true. No politics, no BS, just good hard training in a spirit of helping each other get better,” said Phil while inviting Lexington for a new training experience.


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About White Rhino MMA & BJJ


The Asylum Fight Team / White Rhino MMA & BJJ was founded on the belief that there lot of people would like to train or cross train but are not interested in becoming a fighter. They strongly believe that Martial Arts and Combat Sports can be a path to making life better. The training facility train people to help them get in shape, learn self defense, compete or just for fun. The goal of The Asylum Fight Gym Vegas is to provide real training in a safe, friendly low stress ego free environment. They are dedicated to helping every student meet their meet their training goals.


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Phil Dunlap

Chief Instructor / Owner


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