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An Inspiring Book To Will Help Young People Overcome Fear Is Out

A new book that will help young people overcome fear is now available. Overcoming Fear: An Essential Guide for The Audacious Young Adult by Prince Aryee was written to help young adults navigate through their fear. The book, which is coming at a time when the world is facing an unprecedented health crisis, aims at equipping young people with tools that will help them conquer their fears and face the world confidently.


The effects of COVID-19 have been devastating. It has not only impacted the world economically but also people’s mental health. Young people have not been spared; the pandemic has shaped the minds of many young adults to believe in false conclusions and feel uncertain about their futures. Prince Aryee wants to change this through his book. “It’s time for everyone to look fear in the eye and defeat it!” writes Prince Aryee.


In the book, the author warns young people against complacency. He urges them to keep their focus on things that can change their lives positively. Prince Aryee, who is also a motivational speaker, sees ignorance as one of our worst enemies, as it can lead to making unwise decisions. On the other hand, he views knowledge as instrumental in helping the youth make wise decisions. That is why he urges them to do all possible to ensure they get as much of it as possible.


He goes on to advise youngsters not to use ignorance as an excuse: “Ignorance isn’t an excuse to make unwise decisions.” Prince Aryee added that a focused mind accomplishes anything one sets on. The writer also asks a pertinent question, “Have you ever wondered why you always set goals but never accomplish them?” He answers this question with his insight into what a focused mind can accomplish.


Prince is working toward bringing more awareness to the book and getting more public speaking opportunities so that he can share the tips in the book with the world, “It’s simply because the lenses of your future have been distorted by things that aren’t worthy enough to be there.”


He points out that young people lose focus when they concentrate on things that are not worth their attention. Spending too much on things and activities that are not geared towards shaping a bright future is the reason why they lose focus. Prince Aryee advises young people to set some goals in their lives and channel all their energies towards fulfilling those goals.


According to the author, what a young person engages in today will have an impact on how their lives will turn out tomorrow. He refutes the long-held belief that the future is guaranteed. Instead, he holds an opinion that when today is wasted, that future that some regard as guaranteed will not just happen—it has to be shaped today by doing the right thing, achieving the goals set, and gearing every effort toward making tomorrow better.


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About the author


Prince Aryee is the author of Overcoming Fear: An Essential Guide for The Audacious Young Adult. He wears several hats, working as auniversal banker and motivator by day and a fashion influencer by night. Prince was born in Ghana, West Africa, but has lived most of his life in Brampton, Ontario where he studied Business Administration and Marketing at Humber College Institute of Advanced Learning and Technology. He inspires and empowers people to defeat fear, drawing from his own life experiences and consistently checking on the wellbeing of people around him.


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