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Tips for perfect writing

Creation date: Jun 6, 2021 1:11pm     Last modified date: Jun 6, 2021 1:11pm   Last visit date: Jul 16, 2024 12:34am
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Jun 6, 2021  ( 1 post )  
Derek Robbins (derekk21rob)

Try oral writing
Oral writing actually contradicts the terms. How can a letter be spoken? You write in writing. Yes, but oral writing means you write as you speak. This is similar, not the same, because you omit all placeholder words like "mmm", "stop" or "so" and you don't have to repeat yourself. Readers are expected to pay more attention than listeners. So, once you have provided information, you do not need to repeat it because you are afraid that the other person will forget it again. However, there is nothing wrong with oral writing. If you find it difficult, try asking a professional for do my paper for me, the results will surprise you.

Most readers - with the exception of the legible and highly educated - like it to be diluted with everyday language and petty thoughts. They have a high identification potential, so they tend to empathize with your writing style and can empathize with you better. It depends on the genre and the readership, it can be sorted out with a social studies homework helper, but the fact is, creative writing is easier to read if it's not peppered with bloated terms and long sentences. So don't be afraid of your language, which you would also use orally. The thought process is greatly reduced because you don't have to look for alternative words to replace your everyday language.

Emotions: get excited
When you get excited, you can practice writing your letter. Think about an important topic or person who is especially upsetting to you. You will find that suddenly many things come to your mind and that in anger you start to write faster. Forget about political correctness for a few minutes and let it all out. No one will ever read this little text if you don't want to. Use your repertoire of negative language and comparisons. When it comes to strong emotions, we are often more creative than we think.


Think in pictures
The real art of writing is to think in pictures, you can read about this on, you can also find out more information. The best way to convey what you mean to the reader is to show it. To do this, you must open up and admit crazy ideas. As a rule, comparisons help to visualize something. Comparisons don't have to be realistic, it's just important that everyone can imagine them. For example, when you compare something to a specific scene in a specific movie, you are excluding readers who have not seen the movie. To show you exactly what we mean, here are some examples:

This table was just ugly. It looked like a tree stump and saucer from my great-grandmother's tea set. Did they really pay that much for this? In fact, like my four-year-old sister is trying to put on makeup, I just can't look.

I walked into the living room and laughed out loud. My dog ​​was lying on the carpet like in a beach photo shoot. His hind legs were crossed, he was stretching, and his front leg was under his head. He had the best view - the bedroom looked like I had never seen a single model on TV.

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