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Research Project Statement

Useful Tips When Writing a Research Project Statement

When creating a great thesis statement, there are those things that you must know first. Remember that the statement is supposed to capture the instructor's inquiry, which is the first part of your paper. Without providing the requirements of the assignment, it won't work. Note that a thesis is not a proposition. It is a topic that introduces the writer to the reader and offers some relevant yet legitimate argument go here

The following are a few ideas that can help you craft a remarkable thesis.

Choose a General Topic

For your paper to be considered effective, it has to be focused on the marking theme of the course. Before settling on a specific topic, several options should be considered. Some of the potential issues to consider include:


  1. Is the issue worth exploring?
  2. Does it bring new insights about the subject?
  3. Should the topic be reconsidered for future studies?
  4. Is it an area that has already been extensively explored?

Seek Assistance from knowledgeable individuals

It is advisable to seek assistance from people who have specialized in the area you are researching. Your supervisors will probably have a number of assignments to complete and will offer the best help if you do not fall for a shoddy candidate. If you seek their help, you will be able to deliver an excellent project statement that clearly states the problems you are addressing.


Refer to Available Literature

Before jumping into working on your thesis, it is necessary to cite credible literature. Even though they may not directly give you 100% approval, it is essential to do so to avoid getting plagiarized. Using information from other authors is also not recommended. It is because the writing piece will be plagiarized, and it will look like somebody else's work on it. Therefore, ensure that the source is reputable, and its integrity is upheld.

Be Adaptable

There is a high likelihood that your paper will not be accepted for review if it doesn't meet the expected standards. Since the marker will most likely not accept your hypothesis, it is integral to make alterations. You might be required to redo the whole statement to make it more precise. Who knows, why don’t you improve it? Every institution is different, and yours is one of them. So whenever you are in doubt, remember that every project will eventually be rejected, hence the need to seek clarifications.

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