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Fatherly Advice from Pastor Roberto Hernandez in His New Book

Those in need of a fatherly advice can now benefit from Pastor Roberto Hernandez’s book Understanding Grace: Father to Daughter Advice. In this recently released book, Pastor Hernandez offers fatherly advice to his dear daughter, Krystin. The book is useful to those who want to grow spiritually as well as to children who may need the kind of advice that Pastor Hernandez is offering. In the book, he offers a content that can help in understanding grace as well as in providing lessons that readers can apply in their Christian lives.


As the author of several books designed to help Christians grow closer to God, Pastor Hernandez has written his fatherly advice to his dear daughter, Krystin. Understanding Grace: Father to Daughter Advice, which offers fatherly guidance, seeks to prop readers, provide some encouragement, and give warnings where applicable. Reading through the pages, readers will find being propped up by the truth.


“By reading the pages written by this loving father, readers will remember they have a loving Father in heaven. This Father made you for a relationship with Himself and has given you all the instructions you need in His own love letter to you, the Holy Bible,” reads the text as it reminds the readers of the unconditional love that the Heavenly Father shows them.


The book offers readers a chance to learn about the grace of God the Father in Jesus Christ our Lord through the powerful Holy Spirit.


Christians, as well as anybody who is interested in fatherly advice, can rely on the book to receive spiritual guidance. The book can be enjoyed by children and adult alike. It is also recommended for anybody who would need to know the lesson that Pastor Rob has taught his daughter. The readers of this book will grow in terms of their love and reverence for the Lord.


The book offers its readers unique lessons—understanding grace and their calling. It helps them grow in the experience of joy in the Lord as well as in providing blessings beyond measure, as described by the author.


Pastor Roberto’s book is available at Amazon. It can be accessed through the following link:


About the Author


Pastor Roberto Hernandez is a minister and a writer who aims to strengthen Christians and help them understand God’s grace. Through his ministry, he provides spiritual nourishment that helps Christians grow spiritually. Through his writings, Pastor Hernandez hopes to bring the light of the Lord into people’s lives. He believes that all struggles, all darkness, and all unpleasantness can be survived with God’s grace. As a minister, he’s devoted to his congregation and all believers. He is a men’s group leader and dedicates his spare time in working within his community to strengthen others ties with God. His passion to communicate the word of the Lord shines through in everything he does, and he lives life to the word of the gospel.


Roberto’s candid, down-to-earth style makes him a man of the people, and he relates to the struggles of people from all walks of life. His God-given talent with words allows him to share the mysteries of the Lord in a clear, simple manner that everyone can appreciate. When he’s not writing, working in his community, or ministering, he enjoys golf and soccer. He resides in Suwanee Georgia with his family and strives to shepherd others into the arms of God. He has witnessed firsthand how the truth of God has transformed lives, and he hopes to guide others to that beautiful understanding.


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